I have nothing left to give…

I have been the super human fan for about 10 months…I have given all one fan can give, and tonight after a tough fight…
an amazing season, and some hardcore playoffs…we walk away.

Empty handed.

We tried.

We cheered…

we never gave up…

but in the end, we walk away with the pride that our team did their best, even if it wasn’t good enough to bring home the cup.

There is always next year.

We wont give up.

Nice try boys…

We still love you all…

We still have faith,

Next year we will be here for you cheering you on…


11 thoughts on “I have nothing left to give…

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    • it is sad, unfortunately it is the rioting that has been the real disappointment. I am one of the biggest hockey fans out there, but seriously, it is only a game, and you are right, there is always next year :)


  2. I watched the whole game last night. I’m not really a hockey fan, that was one of the few games I watched all season. But I know how crushing that feeling is… having watched many of my favorite sports teams lose in these epic games. Even having lived in Boston for several years and having a wife that grew up in that area, I was still kind of hoping Vancouver would win this one. Oh well, I say… life goes on. I wrote this a couple of years ago… I’m sure you will be able to relate:


    Sad what happened afterwards, I thought that stuff only happened in the good ‘ol USA.


    • :) That post says EXACTLY what I felt last night, I even had the same hangover as you, hehehehehe…It was really disappointing about the rioting, Vancouver is a great city and it is a shame that a few idiots take a reputation it has taken years to build and shatter it in a matter of hours…


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