Everything is grossing me out today…

It started this morning when I was getting my lunch ready. I opened a brand new container of Cottage cheese, put the spoon in, and scooped some out to put in the container I was taking it in. There was a foreign object of undefinable sorts in the transferred scoop. Normally I would blow that off, assuming it came off my spoon (my dishwasher can be unreliable that way.) But not today. I sat down to eat it at lunch, and couldn’t do it. What if it wasn’t off my spoon? Gah…

Second incident…nice enough old man comes into work this morning, with food on his face. I couldn’t tell him, couldn’t look and had trouble not gagging.

Where the hell did my steel stomach go?

I sat down to eat lunch, our lunch room has dirt, obviously. Today it bothered me, it never usually does, its not that bad at all, its me. I have eaten in that room for years and never batted an eye…what the hell is going on?

Then I dropped my banana on the damn floor, so half was garbage, not only am I grossed out, now I am still hungry too, oh well, back to work I must go, hopefully the day gets easier to stomach as I go.

If I didn’t know wayyyy better, I would think I was pregnant.

Don’t get any ideas, I am absolutely NOT.


16 thoughts on “Everything is grossing me out today…

  1. Could be a change of life baby. A friend of mines’ sister had a baby at 56. Thank the lord she had a 36 year sister who couldn’t have babies and wanted one very badly. Keep it in the family I say. LOL However I’m sure Babs didn’t think it was very funny at the time. By the way Gail is now 36. Weird.

  2. I couldnt help but laugh with the comments. I would think the same thing too loool I knew something was wrong when I was pregnant with Jade. I woke up one morning (we lived there for over a yr) and noticed bust on the base boards… I knew then something wasnt right lool It could be hormones, or just a weird day if it continues though…

  3. haha Ewwww cottage cheese? Now I’m grossed out!! hahaha
    Maybe its those “hormones” kicking in. I go through similar things “at times”. Things that usually don’t bother me, and than, BLAM, its irky the shit outta me! Hang in there girlie!

  4. I know you are grossed out, but this post made me laugh :) Good call on the cottage cheese, I wouldn’t have eaten it either.
    I get that all the time at work – away sick = pregnant, feeling off = pregnant, headache = pregnant. You can’t do anything without associating it with being pregnant :)

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