Addicted to my BlackBerry…and pickles…

Is there a self help group for either of those things?

If there isn’t there should be, seriously. There should be a group for the two things together, there is no way I am the only one…is there?

I have blogged about both addictions before, I own them both…

I just really hope that they never find out that cell phones can give you hand cancer from texting, or that it gives you tendinitis…cause I am screwed. I never talk on the phone really, so I am not worried about the brain cancer they used to threaten us with, that was way before I actually even HAD a cell.

You know, back in the old days, when they did NOT fit in your pocket, or your purse if it was small. They weren’t as big as the first cordless phones mind you, do you remember those? You needed to be a weight lifter to get it off the table.

But today, they make them so small. My BlackBerry fits perfectly in my hand, and most of my pockets. Other than the extremely sore spot I have right now for Rogers, and the fact I got charged too much money for the lesser of my Blackberry choices, I take it everywhere with me, it is a life line that I have become probably far too dependant on. The only other issue I have with it, is getting it in my purse without phoning China, but I think I got that figured out now. It’s called screen lock…and maybe I need a bigger purse…


Eating lots of pickles apparently doesn’t make you any smarter or less blonde. Nevermind. As long as they are not full of Mercury like Janis tells me the tuna I love is…I am good.

They don’t have anything scary in them…do they? If they do, you better tell me now. There still might be time for me to save myself.

After all, I am eating for two you know, I have decided that I am sympathy eating for my brother’s girl Jen while she is pregnant. Really no one should go through that alone should they? I want to be a good sister in law and of course the best Aunty EVER…so I help.

Thursday morning the smell of my coffee brewing nearly did me in, I have no idea why. It just did. It tasted fine, but usually the smell of it brewing is comforting, and drags my lethargic ass out of bed. Not so much on Thursday, I got up just so I could get away from the smell of it wafting around my room.

My friend Mim says it is Menopause, I am sure that is what it must be. Great….that should be a fun thing for all around me to go through shouldn’t it?

Because really, if I can’t down at least two cups of coffee a day, there will be bodies…it won’t be good. I am hoping it passes.

I am pretty sure that I need to go buy a different brand of coffee, maybe I will try something flavored and robust smelling. I guess I should have put coffee in the title too, I forgot I was addicted to that.

We may as well throw chocolate in the mix while we are at it, god knows it will come up at some point. I promise it won’t be in the same mouthful as the pickles though…that would just be wrong.

I think.

Good thing I am back at work, eating like you are pregnant when you are NOT, might not be a good thing.  Thank goodness that they just told us that they were pregnant, all winter eating for two and sitting on my ass would have been BAD…

So as always I am getting my day started with phone charging, coffee is now drank…and it smelled good today too :)

I am going to the store to buy some new coffee, mostly because I am totally out, but I am going to try a new kind, just in case.  I will probably grab a chocolate bar too, just for good measure. At least I am consistent if nothing else.

I will save the pickle consumption until later, like maybe when I put one in my Ceaser :)

Pickles really are just good anytime…aren’t they??


17 thoughts on “Addicted to my BlackBerry…and pickles…

  1. I can only eat pickles if they are cold and spears….don’t put them on my sandwiches and NEVER warm….BLUCK!!!! As for Blackberrys, I used to have one….HATED it, love my Droid X, but am anxiously waiting till next year when I can take the IPHONE plunge.

  2. Girl! You crack me up! I too LOVE my blackberry. Actually, I call it my Crackberry because it totally is an addiction! I take it everywhere with me! Grab it first thing in the morning and it stays by my nightstand. Not that I check it at night but I do grab it a 5 am during the work week to catch up on my tweets, face stuff, and emails before rolling outta bed!

    Have a great day!!

  3. Pickles for any time? Absolutely! Gave my 10 month old nephew his first bite of a pickle on Monday and he gobbled it right up…not a grimace at the tartness. A child after my own heart, I tell ya!

  4. Pickles are one of my most favorite things in the world. Also coffee (good coffee) and dark chocolate. And if I lose my phone, I will have no idea where I am supposed to be when. I have a lot of addictions, I guess.You’re not alone.

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