Urban dictionary defines me…

a girly-girl/tomboy who, while into fashion, shoes, and the latest celbrity scandals,
is also capable of telling you the difference between the jeep wrangler rubacon and the normal jeep wrangler.
look at her in her prada shoes talking about trucks, she is such a redneck princess.

Well it’s mostly true I suppose, except I have never in my life owned Prada anything…but I am not dead yet am I?


12 thoughts on “Urban dictionary defines me…

  1. You almost had me on the Prada shoes as I was about to say, “What?!”
    Me? Not interested in Prada. I would love to own a pair of Christian Louboutin though. I’d be on my back with my legs in the air showing off the bright red bottoms of my soles. Yeah, baby! You know you can always get Prada on Ebay pretty cheap if you don’t mind buying used. I’m a serious Ebay addict. If I want it, and they have it, I can find it.

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