What’s happening in dreamland…

There are potatoes in Idaho. Did you know that? I went there to get some. I guess any old excuse for a roadtrip is a good one.

When I got back I had sex at work. Yep…when we were open. Not normal sex either. People watched. Messed up enough for you? Pretty bad when even I am shocked.

The Garden Centre, was actually a furniture store.

To which one of my customers brought in a kitten for us to look at and make sure it was ok.

It was just a kitten head. It was alive and well and didn’t seem to miss it’s body.

We got to keep it. I am sure there aren’t many mice in a furniture store anyways.

No one seemed shocked by this either. Including me, well at least not in the dream.

I was a little disturbed when I woke up…hence the post time. I thought I should share my dream with everyone, so I didn’t feel all messed up alone. You’re welcome :)

I think maybe I shouldn’t eat a mint Aero bar, and drink a huge cup of ginger tea before bed anymore…

25 thoughts on “What’s happening in dreamland…

  1. Well, I’m assuming since you work the garden center, you took a shovel to dig up the potatoes? (since they grow under ground?) Who knew potatoes were aphrodisiacs? I’ve heard certain mushrooms kind of wierd you out a bit. Thank goodness the garden center turned into a furniture store, much more comfortable for all that public sex you were having. You wouldn’t want to lie on a hoe, the tool kind anyway! :) (HA!) The kitten head could be your new keychain to Jezebel…or hang it from the rearview mirror, like dice!

    I usually don’t recall my dreams. It reminds me of my post when Pac Man chased me and Godzilla tore into the dream. I don’t know if you saw it…

    Dreams can be so bizarre! :)

    Lake Forest CA USA


  2. Very………very interesting. I’m sure it was food related. Watch what you eat before bed! lol
    I hope you didn’t look around for that kitten when you woke.


  3. I had an endless series of short dreams last night in which my eldest kept inserting herself into every single thing I was trying to do to get away from her. For some reason, one of them involved me eating a black radish.


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