It’s the first half an hour that kills ya…

Truer words have never been spoken, at least not to me, I swear. My friend and co-worker said it to me as we were leaving today and I told her I started work a half an hour later than usual tomorrow.

Last week, apparently her half an hour without me was insane.

Today, my first half an hour of work was.

Anyone that has known me for more than about 5 minutes, knows I can be a total clusterfuck…or a totally organized hard core working machine diva.

Ya right.

Today the latter could not have been farther from the truth. That’s right, clusterfuck through and through.

I HATE having days when I am inept. I hate it. My OCD finds it totally unacceptable, but once the day has started like today did, I find it hard to pull myself out of that funk and get it heading straight again. Today I tried, I really did.

I screwed up an invoice I had to do, I was in a hurry, which is never good, I screwed up the discount and it just went south from there, I won’t bore you with the details, it got straightened out, thanks to my boss lady, Shauna. I swear to god, I nearly kissed her. I told her I loved her. I meant it too.

All the while, my sales rep Ron was there, adding to my panic. I knew he needed to get my order done and then get on with his day. I was holding that up. I should have just relaxed a bit I guess, but it just all happened at once. Relaxing isn’t exactly my strongest point.

After all of the above finally finds it’s way under control, I tell Shauna I need a coffee, she agreeds…

I head to the back to make some, and in passing the table in the lunch room I spot the butter tarts that our good friend Don had brought in the day before (he actually brought us two bags of them, but I only ate one, well today…) I thought maybe the sugar might make me smarter.

I venture off butter tart in hand, to do a mini job while waiting for the brewing to take place…

So in about 10 minutes or so, I went back to the lunch room to grab my coffee. I made about 10 cups and the pot only had about 4 left. I thought hmmm, the other girls were in on the coffee pretty quick today…

As I reach for the pot, I notice, grounds, and coffee all over the counter…what. the. hell?

I open the lid, and the filter is fine, but the water for some reason is not draining through, well it wasn’t til I opened the lid, and then it started to pour out, of course the coffee pot was in my hand, not under the filter. Ya…

I clean up the mess, I might have sworn…but only a little.


I make more coffee.

I walk away.

All I can do is hope for the best. The second pot turned out substantially better, and it helped a little bit.

But not really, the rest of the day didn’t improve much, so let’s just skip to the good part.

I get home, my son has cooked me dinner…well not really dinner, he has cooked me meat. Yup, chicken stuffed with broccoli. You are pretty impressed right now aren’t you? Well so was I, even though it is premade and ready to cook. I don’t care. I never loved him more than I did that moment. I fried up some zucchini and voila, dinner. Served.

With a Ceaser.

A big one. Like a double.

Actually two.

And they were good.

Right after I ate dinner, I realized my tattoo needed some lubrication.

I don’t have any. I am totally out of tat creme, and they don’t have any either. Now I am crafty. I told them I would make some for them to use when someone gets a tat. We worked out a deal, I am just waiting for the containers to come to get started. That doesn’t help me right now though does it?

Well I do need to make it and test it, right?

I concoct a delicious and soothing recipe, and start mixing, it makes me feel magical and smart and sexy that I can create something that makes peoples skin soft and smell good, it makes me feel, after a day like today… that I am good at something, that maybe a little more, I need to remember that, I can’t be good at everything all the time.  Sometimes I am going to make mistakes, but as long as I love what I am doing, it’s all good and tomorrow is a new day.

My skin will be soft, my beautiful tattoo will be a day more healed, my honey is coming to see me, and we have two whole days off together, I seriously can’t wait…

So tomorrow will be a better day…

I will be smart and confidant like I usually am…

I will embrace every second of the day because it is my FRIDAY tomorrow…I have switched days off from Friday and Saturday, to Wednesday and Thursday for the next little bit.

The final series for the Stanley Cup, starts on Wednesday night and my team is going to take it…in five, just watch.

So through the clusterfuck of Monday…I wish you a happy Tuesday my friends…

13 thoughts on “It’s the first half an hour that kills ya…

  1. Having a cluster-fuck day is the equivalent of screwing up by stammering when you’re speaking. Once you do it, you find yourself trying hard not to again, messing up everything you say after, and sounding like an idiot. The best you can hope for is that no one notices, or draws attention to it. It’s okay, girl. I’m a whack-job too!


  2. Mondays suck!

    A word of advise on the “Tat cream” try Aquafore, my artist highly recommends it, he told me about it after my Batman and I’ve used it ever since. Look it up, good stuff.


  3. i know the feeling, the first half an hour of work saw me down a can of diet coke and make a few cups of tea to get me through. we had a holiday in the UK yesterday so it was even more of a shocker when the alarm went off!


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