Saturday’s lazy photo blog…

Before you look at the pictures, hit the music… :)

I had the best days off, didn’t really do anything I should have, but I feel great, sometimes that really is all that matters, right? I worked in my garden and mowed my lawn. I started out with the best of intentions taking my stang for a ride, but the damn battery was totally dead. So she sits charging as we speak, this is what I did instead…

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18 thoughts on “Saturday’s lazy photo blog…

  1. I love those pics. I almost felt like I was right there with you. Man, I gotta get out of the house more! Hey, I especially related to the cocktail. I’m not a big mixed drink kinda person, I like my beer and whiskey straight up or with water, but I do like an occasion vodka/cranberry. Yum!!

  2. Oh yes, you got us in the mood alright! Great post Donna – you have a beautiful, relaxing garden. Wish I could visit and join you in a vodka & blueberry juice!

  3. Great photos. I feel like I’m at your home. I miss lilacs so much. It’s too hot for them here. Most of our flowers have come and gone now that the heat is here. Just cacti and crepe myrtle.

  4. RNP you have excelled yourself – this post is brilliant! I love the way you got us to hit play on the music while we looked at the great pictures of your garden – it really created a great ambience and I can imagine sitting on your back porch…looking out across the garden. hmmm I fancy some vodka and blueberries!

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