New tattoos and purple toes…

It’s been a good day.

Other than the stupid rain, which stopped me from taking the Mustang for a drive.

I stayed home and was lazy until it was time to get my tattoo. I needed a good me day :)

I went and got my tattoo at 2 o’clock…I love getting tattooed. It is a dangerous and permanent addiction :) Good thing I don’t have a lot of money.

The dragonflies turned out beautiful, exactly what I wanted. Kat keeps telling me that my sleeve is started, like I have a choice. Apparently I don’t. I do what they tell me to do, heheheheh. We had lots of laughs and a good visit as always, I have the finishing appointment on the 10th of June, I will get the shading done on the whole tattoo, and we are adding some swirly things in as well, I love it more all the time.

I just took the bandage off of the new tat, it is awesome, I might get him to add a bit more black around the wings I think, but it is still to early to tell what the finished product will look like until it heals a bit, also he is going to shade around the edges, so maybe it won’t need to be any darker than it already is.

Besides it isn’t up to me :) I get told what is going to happen…

I love it though, it is just what I envisioned.

I do owe him a good smack for the damn tape from the bandage though, that hurts more than getting the whole tattoo did. He put it underneath my freaking arm too, so when I pulled it off I was nearly crying. Bugger.

He will never make me cry tattooing me, but he might with the fucking bandage.

After I got my tat I felt the need for a new nail polish. Ya, I know…I have issues. I haven’t bought any since last summer, and my purple was nasty so I had to throw it away. I got me some new stuff that is super sexy. It actually might be even a little prettier than the color of my car is…

Only a little, but still…

Pretty is good…

I needed a day like today, because tomorrow, I am power washing my house. Talk about one extreme to the other. It needs to be done though. My house is just disgusting looking from the winter sludge that builds up when your house faces the North, and then, after I wash it, I am starting on the painting.

I am going to do the window sills first, and then Jacques said I could borrow their paint sprayer to do the main part of the house. I will take it in baby steps. The front part of the house will pretty much have to be done by hand. I have lots of time, I will do it wall by wall, day by day. The exact same way I am taking life right now :)

It feels good to be motivated, and know that everyday I am bettering myself and my life in anyway that I can. I don’t mind painting either, it is like mowing the lawn and meditation. It gives me time to think…who knows what crazy shenanigans I will come up with while I am working…

I guess you will just have to stay tuned for that :)

Happy Saturday my friends…


31 thoughts on “New tattoos and purple toes…

  1. Love that purple polish! I’ve so got an obsession with nail polish… a few too many bottles. The kicker is I end up with ton in similar shades of pink. I go to the store picking out oodles of new bottles, bring them home and realize I already 5 bottles in similar shades! Ughh…. oh well…. I do know for sure that I don’t have that purple; not I gotta get some!

  2. I wonder what you can learn painting day by day.
    I hope to see you post about what you painted, and that day’s lesson! I’m sure, there’s some slight learning each day, whether it be about paint, yourself/like patience, the neighbor, weather, wild life/birds, thoughts that enter your mind…etc.

    How exciting for you with the tats. I’ll get to see the finished product up close.

    I just recently removed the dark blue nail polish on my toes…and no wonder when I stumbed my toe a few weeks ago it hurt so much…the entire nailbed is bruised. I kept rubbing thinking “why the hell is this nail polish not removing?” Then I realized, oh that’s the nail. YUK. I have two bruises! What the hell, no one told me that I’d start stubbing my toes so much after turning 40! I was never graceful, but come on!

    Lake Forest, CA USA

  3. First off, awesome awesome tat. It looks fantastic. I seem to go every 4-5 years, which means I’m coming up on another. Isn’t there something about getting new ink that just jumpstarts the rest of your life? It always fires up my motivation. Second, love the purple! It is very almost the color of your car, and yesterday I got mine done (splurged, first time in 6 mos) in the very almost color of *my* car. And third, we got a power washer this weekend. Started on the deck. It’s sooo oddly satisfying.

  4. Damn, Donna… Now why’d you have to go and show me that? So unfair. I have absolutely got to get my butt in gear and get my life started again. If anything just so I can get out of this financial frump I’m in and get my tat finished. I’d take a pic, but frankly I’m a bit embarrassed by the etch-a-sketch. My previous ink-man left me with nearly a full-back of outline, but unfortunately fled and I ran out of funds before I got my color. And as we all know, it’s the shading that brings it to life. ((sigh)) Well, I suppose on a positive note…when I’m old, wrinkled, and being cared for by young cna’s who snicker behind my back, my ink won’t look like watercolors running in the rain…
    Very pretty! The colors flatter you too!~

  5. Dragonflies look great! I always thought Dragonflies were more for a man, but your artist has made them very feminine and they blend in nicely with your flowers. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  6. Looks pretty cool and goes nicely with the flowers. Out of interest how much do you pay to get your tatts done? I’ve been quoted £600 to get a cover up done on mine, it’s a large design but that seems a bit pricey to me. Gosh, I just did a currency conversion and that’s $960! Woah!

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