Favorite Tunes Friday…

Cause I am feeling a little twisted this week…

Ok, I am always a little twisted, but maybe a little more than normal right now…


I adore how she OWNS who she is…Christina Aguilera, she might not be the girl you take home to mom, but she never lets the world tell her she can’t be whatever she wants to be that week. I admire that in her, and she has a totally amazing voice!!

Wanna play along?? Add your link in the Linky at the bottom of the page!!! New music is good, Happy Friday Folks :)


6 thoughts on “Favorite Tunes Friday…

  1. You know, I love all music- alternative rock, punk, hip hop, rap, disco, new wave, top10, country, hard rock/classic rock, big band, bubble gum…but very few “house music/electronic club stuff…I just gotta tell ya, this is one artist I don’t really care for…if her song comes on, I switch it…I just don’t get the fascination about her? She has a beautiful voice.

    Unfortunately, there hasn’t been 1 song of hers that I’ve wanted to dance. The video is interesting, but it’s reminiscent of Gwen Stefani (the Retro/Blonde big bang look) and a little Lady Gaga…but really, the whole “shock” factor of sex encounters/same sex was all done years ago by Madonna. I think it’s a little played-out now.

    However, if I ever lose weight, I want her shimmering white outift that sparkles near the essentially area and black bra. My husband would dig it!

    Lake Forest, CA USA

  2. You see some singers in videos and get the feeling they’re just playing a part, but Miss Aguilera genuinely seems to love performing in her videos, she seems to thrive on the crazyness!

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