We are going to the finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Vancouver Canucks have taken the series!!!!!!!!!

Now we wait, for Boston or Tampa Bay…but whoever it is, bring it ON!! We are taking the cup, it is our year…

12 thoughts on “We are going to the finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I’ve been to 1 Ducks game, sat in the Johnson and Johnson box with free food and alcohol when I was 21. given to me by the manager at our work.

    I’ve been to 2 or 3 Kings games, again, never paid for…and they were given to Bill’s roommate who took us…Championships, and they came back to win it. The most EXCITING thing ever.

    So, odd that I have had those experiences and I never followed the sport, but I sure do like it live! It’s enthralling, of course, my husband had to point out, not all games are that exciting. Those were over the top. AND we had excellent seats and did valet parking. :) Man, I could have gotten used to that life style. BUT no, we went and had kids. (ha!) :) Now I gripe a baseball game is too expensive!

    So, I don’t care- GO KINGS- GO DUCKS & GO CANUCKS! Go nuts, Canucks! Yeah! (pumping my fist in the air and that’s my exercise for the day!)

    Lake forest, CA USA


  2. See…I have a small problem with sports in that I don’t understand shit about it, or umm…care. Wanna know the closest I come to being interested in sports? Okay, twist my damn arm, I’ll tell ya. I like baseball players on the field in their pants. That’s it! Just the ass in pants! Okay, and I admit the first time I happened to glimpse a pic of Troy Polamalu when they were airing his stats during a football game I fell in lust. Wow! He can spread all that sweaty hair across my naked body anytime.. Sorry! I lost my train of thought.


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