I feel a new tattoo coming on…

I haven’t been under the needle since last spring, and I am feeling like it’s time :)

I still have to get the shading done on the pixie on my back, but of course I want something else too!! I am thinking I will get a dragonfly on either my arm or on my back, not sure where yet…Jacques and I need to talk about it a bit…

Or should I say, he will just tell me what he is gonna do, cause he is the master, and I respect his opinion and have total faith in him. And really, he has the damn needle…so I just do what he says.

I love this dragonfly tat…I have no idea who’s it is…I found it surfing one day, if it’s yours…send me your name and I will add it to the tat gallery :) I don’t know if I could incorporate this into what I have on my back now…but I LOVE it.

I am thinking that the black viney things in this pic would be cool in my tat to join it together more, I keep adding stuff and I don’t see any signs of that stopping anytime soon, so we need to somehow mix it all together.

I am also going to get the shading done to add some depth to my tat…it looks really cool when it has a 3D look to it.

I am probably going to need a couple of appointments…and I will need to come back when I move away. No point anyone else tattooing me at this point, I am a walking canvas of Frenchman Tattoo… he has done it all to up to now.


I had this blog saved as a future post, and since I wrote it, I have made two appointments one for the end of May ( like two weekends from now!!!) and one for the middle of June!! Whohoo…can’t wait to get in there :)


28 thoughts on “I feel a new tattoo coming on…

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  3. ((Sigh)) Now see, you ruined my afternoon with your ink, cause it reminded me that I need to get the damn tat on my back finished. Poor as a church mouse and in need of ink. Hey, you think if I sit on a busy corner and hold up a sign “Will work for ink!” someone would give me a handout? It worked for the dude who was sitting there with a sign that read, “Why lie. I need beer!” I stopped and gave him all the cash I had that day. Poor fella!

  4. wow, your tattoo is amazing. i have a butterfly on my back but im considering getting another one. sticking with the flying theme, think i might get a fretwork style swallow :) cant wait to see what you choose!

  5. I’m clearly out of the loop on this one. Pierced ears only (and that is only 1 hole each). No tatts. Thought about it once or twice, but then we have this TV ad, you see, at it turns me right off the idea at my age……

    Just discovered it may be a UK ad, but they show it here too…..

  6. It’s like addiction, isn’t it? That’s what I think, anyway. I don’t have a tatoo.
    The dragonfly is stunning, and if I was to get a tatoo this dragonfly definitely would be my choice.
    I’ll actually save this picture just in case a tatoo will take my fancy… (I’ve been toying with the idea for some time).

  7. Nice! I’m itching for another tat too, maybe my Joker to go with my Batman or Johnny Cash to go with my Willie….not sure yet, but I was talking to the wife about it and she’s like do it…..but I have to come up with the $, that’s always the problem.

    Did you get my tats? I sent them to you in the Tat gallery (I haven’t checked to see if you added them or not)

  8. Tattoos can be true art in the hands of a good tat artist, and yours seems like a real pro. Beautiful work. Personally I loathe needles, so that would never be an option for me. (You should hear my muffled shriek when a needle suddenly appears in a movie!) But I love seeing good body art.

  9. Very nice! Good luck in whatever you choose. I’ve been wanting another one for about a year now. I have it narrowed down to 2 of them. :) A skin cancer ribbon and a profile of my pitbull. Just gotta get a good pic of my mutt and head on to my tattoo guy. Look forward to seeing your pics!

  10. Hey Donna,

    Going on Friday to have more added to mine on my back as well. Looking forward to it. I will send you a pic of it when it is done. Hope all is well. Love ya


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