Some days there is not enough coffee in the world…

To wake my ass up.

Like today.

I went to bed early last night, so I would get a good nights sleep. I did, for about three hours. And then, the oldest spawn came home, with friends…They were NOT quiet. I am fairly tolerant, as I have said before, I would rather them be here than on the streets or drinking and driving. But Jesus H. Christ… my patience is waning. I am not good with losing sleep because of my generosity. They are lucky I didn’t have to work today, it would not have been pretty.

As it went, I texted him about an hour and a half into it, and said…   “Seriously, don’t make me come down there and kill you.”  Bad parenting? Probably. Effective, probably not. About 20 minutes after I texted him…someone came to the front door, no kidding. And knocked. When no one answered the door, they even rang the bell. So now, my dog is in my other son’s room barking his face off, there is more knocking, and I am laying in bed, knowing full well…if I get up. I am going to be a raging crazy bitch. I stay in bed. It quieted down a little bit after that. I think I only jolted out of my sleep one more time.

I slept until my youngest came home at 9:37 am. He missed out on all the fun as he was at a sleep over at his buddies house. I thought maybe he peed the bed getting home that early, but no, his buddy had to go cut wood, so he was delivered home. At least I slept in a little I suppose. Not that it matters to me as long as I actually get some sleep, I like being up early and puttering around. Not an option this morning as there are various bodies all over my basement.

You have no idea how hard I had to hold back from stomping around the upstairs, putting laundry in and cranking the stereo up to about 10…like Country Music, something really twangy. I think I have some Kenny Rogers hanging around here somewhere. It would be worth the torture to have to listen to it…

But no…I didn’t.

I am rethinking the $100 a month I am charging him because he is barely here, doesn’t cover the pain and suffering I am enduring. Should be worth about $250 the way I feel today.

He better think about that…

it’s coming.

My patience will only spread so thin…


13 thoughts on “Some days there is not enough coffee in the world…

  1. My selfish, 17 year old drives me nuts, but I know I’ll miss him when he’s gone. YOU’LL MISS THEM WHEN THEY’RE GONE, TRUST ME! There was a time that my place was the one everyone flocked to. I pretty much had an open-door, open-fridge policy, and every kid from here to hither hung at our house. I was the cool mom. Not cool enough to let them smoke or drink in front of me, mind you…but didn’t rag so much about them emptying my cupboards, laying around playing video games, or cranking their music up to high decibels. To be honest I loved having them around, them calling me ‘Mom’, and listening to them tell their stories of teenage angst (and an added bonus was they always ended up snitching on the other, because they’d get too comfortable while chatting. BAH! Was I good, or what?). Now the two oldest are grown and those times are far behind me. We now live in the country, are no longer surrounded by children, so the only entertaining my son does here is when his girlfriend comes over. That, and my youngest does NOT consider me to be as cool as the older ones did. Who knows…maybe I’m not anymore. Just appreciate the ruckus while you can. One of these days you might find it’s way too quiet to sleep.

  2. I’m dieing today. My 5 year old is waking me at 3:30 to state she needs to change her underwear and can’t find any in her drawer. I still haven’t figured out what she’s doing. She’s not having potty accidents (as those floods when that happens- as she drinks tons of water) No, lately, I find a pair of panties on her floor – those got wet momma. She’s either peeing on them while sitting on the toilet or she hates to WIPE…I’m thinking that’s the problem

    ANYWAY…once a week, I get a 3:00ish wake up call to deal with that or a nightmare. Then 3 hours later, my son refuses to sleep in and gets up at 6:30. He tries to be quiet but plays with the dog…so the dog starts snorting LOUDLY. My daughter gets up and they, of course, start fighting over who’s going to get loves from the dog. The dog is trying to get away from them…

    I have to rise to stop the fight, get the food, and threaten my son to get in his uniform…baseball game was at 8:30…so, we all begin running around like crazy people to get there on time.

    I’m sooo tired today. So, my hubby pours me a cup of afternoon coffee, but he puts Bailey’s in it and I’m about to nod off…
    Lake Forest, California USA

  3. Kids are great aren’t they? I left the house earlier whilst our eldest was busy sizzling himself a steak on a hob that was stacked with stinky pots and pans, he had pushed them aside to create a space big enough for a frying pan. I paused at the back door and looked at the sink. It was crammed with dirty plates, cups, pots, glasses and other filth.

    I grow weary of doing the washing up every day, along with cooking, cleaning and the other million little things I do every day. I said: “Hmm, that’s a lot of washing up isn’t it?” He just nodded and said: “Yeah.” That one word meant “Sure it’s messy but you can you do, eh? I ain’t doing all that!”

    Sure enough it was all there when I got home, as he played XBox in his bedroom with music loud enough to shatter your eardrums. I was tired and didn’t want an argument. I washed up. Kids sure are fun!

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