I won’t be reliable…

For the next two days

I won’t listen to your problems, and tell you it’s ok

I won’t make you feel better

I won’t be the one that smooths the waters

They will have to be rough…without me

I won’t be your go between, your mother, your lover or your friend

I don’t care what you feel, what you think or what is wrong

You are on your own

My shoulders aren’t that wide

I need time to myself

To figure out my own problems

Not that you would know

The one way street, is now a no through road

At least for the next two days

I will be greedy

Self serving

Will think of no one but myself

All of you will go on without me

I will be here in my cave



Regaining my strength and self worth

Don’t call me, I won’t answer

I am here, and ok

You can’t help me through it

I’ll be back in two days, nearly as good as new

But just for now, it’s not about you.


19 thoughts on “I won’t be reliable…

  1. What great voice and strength here. I love it! It goes to show that poetry doesn’t have to be soft and smooth and can be sharp and strong. I don’t even know you…but you’ve set a clear boundary for sure. This is something everyone should do…set a boundary when it’s time for you to be with you.


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