Five Question Friday…

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1. Tube socks, calf socks, crew, ankle, none?

It depends on what I am doing really…sexy~thigh highs are fun, work~calf socks, squished down of course, Jeans and cute little runners~ankle socks…summer~flip flops and NONE!!

2. Was your child’s (children’s) name a mutual decision or was it a debate? If you don’t have children, do you plan on giving your spouse a say, or do you have a name you MUST have, regardless if your other half likes it or not?!

It was mutual for both kids except Eric wanted to call Colton, Adam…we settled on Colton Adam because Adam is supposed to be your first born’s name :)

3. What is your favorite type of weather?

Sunshine please.

4. If left to your own devices, what time would you wake up every day?

Probably about 8 am…I can never sleep longer than that :)

5. Have you bought your cemetery plots yet?

What the hell? No…I am getting cremated, I won’t need a plot,  just throw my ashes overboard here…


7 thoughts on “Five Question Friday…

  1. My younger daughter didn’t have a name. We just couldn’t come up with anything we liked. My older daughter from the very beginning insisted on a name. Providing she was only 4 and she was so consistent, and also because the younger one was born and there were no other options, we used the name chosen by our older daughter. She’s very proud of that till now :)

  2. Ha, you don’t want your ashes left in Mustang ash trays? and sprinkled here and there, top down or out the window, cruising down the road…

    I think your loved ones should use your car and a couple of rentals and do just that! They can hop on a ferry and finish off the ritual overboard!

    Hmmm…I think an ornate, casket that is so expensive is absurd. Trust me, I won’t care when I’m dead. In fact, I might come back to haunt my family for their stupidity on wasting good money. :)


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