The Auntie in me…

Is having trouble waiting.

I have been waiting for this to happen for so long, it is nearly as exciting as having my own baby. Without the getting fat part, the eating whatever I want part and the labor part.

That makes it even better. How can life get any better than your brother and his beautiful lady having a baby?  The little princess  baby is going to be a little bit spoiled. Jen and Jim, if you are reading this, you just better get used to it now. It has been 16 years since we had a baby in the family. We have been waiting a long time. I thought the day would never come, I had given up all hope. I was sure I was destined to wait for my grand babies to come before I got to hold another little sweetie.

My excitement in nearly uncontainable.

I can’t wait to hold her…kiss her…see her smile…to love her.

My heart is full.

My friend Piglet just became a Grandma for the first time, here post about her grand-baby made me cry, I can’t wait to feel her joy!!

It will be amazing to see Jimmy look at the baby with the love in his eyes he is going to feel…

To see how much more in love he will fall with Jen…the love they will all have for each other. I have always wished that for him, and I am so glad he finally found a great love in his life. He will be the best Dad…

My boys will be the best cousins…they will teach her how to giggle, to do all the boy stuff she will need to know…and she will never have a boyfriend that will be good enough.

I know I keep saying it is a girl, I really have no idea. It won’t matter if it’s a boy, it will be all good. I just know, for some reason, it’s going to be a princess girl. My Mom is doing the ring test when they go up to visit on Friday, so I will give you an update when I have the results. As long as she lets me spill the beans. She might swear me to secrecy…I doubt it though, she sucks at secrets :)

She can keep one for about 15 minutes and then she spills it.

So somehow I need to make it through the next few months, and be patient. September is a busy month for me, a new baby to welcome…Keith Urban concert, and my last month of work…I don’t know how I will fit everything in :)

This year is definitely one of teaching me patience, from trying to move and taking forever to sell my house…to babies and hot Australian men… and waiting for all of the above. Ahhhh, life is so good, and I know the waiting will make it all that much sweeter.

Congratulations to my friend PIP on her Grand-baby, you are gonna be a great Grandma my friend. xoxo

Happy Thursday my friends…

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