33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Wildlife

  1. I was actually thinking about your photo challenge today. Last two I think you did with your car (lines and round). I was thinking if the next one you will do with a car as well. I’m sure you’d come up with an idea for wildlife and your car :)


  2. Love the photo! They sure are stinky beasts, though…there’s a section off the Southern Calfornia central coast, where they all gather to sun bathe. It’s loud and PU!

    Hey, my husband is planning a business trip to British Columbia and I think we’re going to make a summer driving trip with the family. We’ll be spending a day or two in the Victoria area, and then crossing over to the mainland Vancouver for a day or so…

    I would love to meet you, but don’t know the logistics. I know you are the Northern part of the island, and menioned your boyrfriend is 5 hours away…so end of June is when we’ll be there. We just made the decision this morning, and my husband is beginning to map it out…

    E-mail me and let me know! Got any tips of good stuff to see, possibly entertain my 5 & 7 year old?



    • That would be so cool Sandi :) I am going to Grande Prairie end of June to a wedding, what days are you going to be in Vic? It is about three hours drive from where I am, I have a friend that lives there though, so a road trip is a total possibility :)


      • It’ll be during the week sort of trip. (Since he has to stop by POO POO plants- he’s a municipalitity pump sales guy) and it has to be during business hours to meet with engineers. I’ll keep in touch as I’m not certain 100% of dates since we are driving. We will take about 5-6 days working our way up there and the kids don’t get out of school until June 21st (Tues) So it’s looking like the week of June 27th. We might get there a little sooner- during the weekend. Again, I’ll have to keep you updated. We’ll be stopping at plants along the way.

        Once my husband has a map kind of planned out, I’ll let ya know! I might take my son out of school a day earlier since the last day is minimum day and then furlough days.



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