Favorite Tunes Friday…

I can’t remember how I found Paolo Nutini, but he is awesome, this song makes me smile and want to dance…enjoy!!!!


13 thoughts on “Favorite Tunes Friday…

  1. Good shout. His first album is full of great songs like this. The second not so. I reckon it was chased out by the record company to cash in on his first one. But he sure is a talent. Also, just to let you know,I name-checked you on my latest post. Hope you don’t mind. :)

  2. Isn’t he fantastic! I have found alot of great stuff listening to .. yes, Pop Adult on Sat/Cable while working in clients homes … Adele, for instance … her ‘1st’ one was about a year and a half ago with Chasing Pavements and no one had ever heard of her while I was groovin’ away.. now look at her go!!

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