B.O.T.W. Wednesdays…

Each Wednesday I am going to feature a blog I love to read…

This link will introduce you to the blogs I hang out at on a regular basis, because all good things should be shared with your friends…

So enjoy, and lets pass on some blog love shall we?

This week I would like to introduce you to:

Confessions of a Preacher’s Daughter

*Warning…this blog is not G rated!!*

Nice, I love that. This girl tells it like it is, her life is never dull and you are never left wondering… what the hell is that all about?

Sweet, it’s about time someone else didn’t have a filter!! She might shock you a little, but it is always a good read, check her out!!!

Happy Wednesday!!

14 thoughts on “B.O.T.W. Wednesdays…

  1. Thank you! Sorry it took me so long to respond, but I’ve been on one of my little adventures again. :) Thanks for sharing my blog. It’s so inspiring to hear that people actually like it. That’s part of what keeps me writing. Well, that and the old saying “it’s funny because it’s true” really does apply to my life and it would be a sin not to share. :)

    Have a great weekend & happy humping!


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