It’s like a dustball with a cat in it…

And other unexpected stuff that you wouldn’t think of.

I mean the internet. It is kind of like that. You never know what you are going to find, but it usually isn’t what you expect.

Shit, this blog is a perfect example of that. Half the time I don’t even know what I am going to come up with.

I was thinking about this while I was into my nearly 4th hour of cleaning for the open house coming up. I know, who does that right? I mean the four hours of cleaning.


Ya, that’s right. I am anal. And my house is one big ass ball of animal hair. My dog is little, where the hell does all the hair come from? I am starting to think he is having his buddies over during the day while I am working and bending it on. It really is the only explanation. I blocked the cat door from the outside this morning. Between the partying and the cat sitting on my Mustang, no make that WALKING all over my Mustang… there really was no choice.

I mowed the lawn too, it looks freaking awesome here, someone better buy it quick.

So about the internet.

I am always on the lookout for new blogs and websites to love. I have to say though, that in the hunt for the fun I crave, I find a lot of weirdo stuff.


So what I was thinking about, was like 10 years ago, when I had never been on the internet. What the hell did I do with myself?

Mind you, my kids were way smaller, so that takes up a lot of a girls time. My boyfriend at the time, was always out on the boat, so pretty much everything around the house was done by me, and we had two dogs and two cats.

When I quit smoking I took up the internet, and Mustangs. Both were very new to me and I jumped in head first with a passion to both.

I couldn’t find enough Mustang information, I built my own website, which evolved a lot over the years. Eventually I shut it down and now just have the forum open. I learned tons about html and how to make a site look good and run well. I like to think I have carried this over to my blog.

I have just been wondering, how I learned stuff before I could go online…

Like if I need a recipe, I go online.

How to fix something, online.

Lost manual, find it online.

Porn, online.

Something is wrong with you? Online.

What the hell did we used to DO without the internet?

I guess we ate the same things, never fixed anything, just bought new stuff, didn’t watch enough porn and actually went to a doctor…

Hard to say, it seems like another life to me. I barely remember not having the internet OR smoking. Come to think of it, when I put it that way, I guess I sort of traded one addiction for two others. Oh well, Mustangs and Porn the internet won’t give you cancer as far as I know…I know that neither make me cough, though in various situations, I have been known to gasp for air…

But we will leave that for another post won’t we?

15 thoughts on “It’s like a dustball with a cat in it…

  1. We’d manage, just the way we managed before the itnernet. Back then we actually – oh the shock of it – SPOKE TO PEOPLE! We didn’t Twitter, FB, WP. We walked next door and asked the neighbour. We rang up Mum and asked her a question. Yes, we went to the Doctor (I still do! – then I check on-line!).

    “Those were the days, my friend, the days that never end… Those were the days..”


  2. It is scary how dependent on the internet we became! There was one episode of Modern Family where the parents had a bet not to use any technology, including internet. It was impossible to even book plane tickets! Scary.


  3. Hilarious and so true! I’ve found you can LITERALLY go through internet withdrawals.
    Oh, I just love the photo of the kitten. We have two, tortoise-shell females, and both are pregnant. Yeah, my husband is pissed and says he’s going to kill the black, bastard that was hanging around our yard, got the girls knocked-up, and then ran away to leave us to care for all of them (he has his moments when he can be pretty funny). He claims there’s a 12-gauge with his name written on it. ((yawn)) He’s all talk. He loves animals. Anyway, we’re going to have KITTENS SOON! A shit-load by the looks of them. I can’t wait. I’ve already started convincing the husband that they absolutely HAVE TO come back inside, because otherwise the animals lurking in the woods will get them. Anyone for a free kitten? Ha..ha..


    • Hahahhaha…sweet, he sounds like my dad used to about boys, thank god none of them knocked me up!!!! I would love a kitten, but I can’t, my crazy cat is just over a year, she looked like the one in the picture when she was little :) But she is like having 4 cats…Good luck with the kittens :)


  4. i didn’t have the internet at home for 6 weeks, and i went stir crazy. didn’t have a clue what to do with myself and even when watching tv or something i felt i needed to be reading stuff. im too easily distracted and the internet provides me a great outlet for entertainment!


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