Super Sexy Sunday

This week I wanna talk about shoes.

Now anyone that knows me, knows I hate wearing shoes. HATE IT. I wish I could be barefoot all the time.

I also wish I could wear high heels. Like really high heels, like these… but I can’t. I have no idea how people walk in shoes like that. Does it just take practice? Do you just come by it naturally? Is there a class you can take? I just end up looking like a freaking goof.

So instead I go for the flat look. I like  to wear gladiator shoes, and flip flops.

This year, I have to go buy new spring and summer shoes. My flip flop collection is down to two wearable pairs, and my sandals have had it being in the second year. I did buy a cute pair of grey runners already.

Shopping for shoes is as appealing to me as wearing shoes is…NOT. I really have to be in the mood to shop. I usually am not. I am kind of a boy that way. I am not big on shopping.

Maybe part of the problem is the choices I have living in a small town with not much of a choice for shopping, we either have Payless (where I get most of my shoes) or a really expensive store, where they have beautiful stuff, just way out of my price range. So next weekend on my days off I will be on a mission to find some new shoes. It takes me a while to work up to it.

It’s like buying jeans for me, hard to find the perfect pair that exudes my style and fits me the way that I want to, if I could find these flats somewhere I would be a happy girl, they are super sweet.

If I can’t find any here, I will wait til I go to Vancouver, maybe Hannah and I need a girls shopping day together, she must need some summer shoes too. Old navy here we come :)

What kind of shoes do you love? Where do you find them? I would love to hear your feedback…

Peace ♥ Out…

16 thoughts on “Super Sexy Sunday

  1. Love my flippies in the spring/summer and my boots in the fall/winter. I hate shopping period though, so I never have as many as I’d like. I love the way a really nice pair of heels look on someone else, but they’ve never worked for me. I think I spent so much of my teens trying to look shorter than I was by wearing the flattest shoes possible that I ruined my heel-ability for life. And I’m basically ok with that : ).


  2. I think you must be a New Zealander. Michael, the owner of my local milkbar, made the observation yesterday as I toddled in to buy milk, bare footed yet again, that in his experience it is a “kiwi thing” this desire to be barefooted all the time.

    Like you, I fail the female test when it comes to shopping. HATE IT! Especially for shoes – I have wide feet, and this stupid standard ‘B’ fitting never fits!


  3. I love shoes, I love shopping for them, and I can really splash on shoes. Heels – the higher the better, the thinner the better. But I don’t like trashy shoes, I like classy and sexy numbers.
    I actually kind of collect them, I like to have a pair from my favourite designers.. I used to be called “shoe hot mamma” because I wouldn’t be seen in flats, and I always had shoes that people noticed, but now I got lazy and I wear flats very often…
    I still buy high heels though… I just don’t wear them that much :)


  4. my friends laugh at me because i rock one pair of flip-flops out in april and wear them till they die in october. i don’t care about the weather, i hate to wear shoes and if it wasn’t for rocks id go barefoot all the time! although it doesn’t give me sexy soft feet :)


  5. I used to always wear heels then I started working in London and it’s too hard to navigate the tube so I wear flats all the time now, usually ballet pumps or brogues. I find shoe shops are diminishing over here maybe online is the way! Hope you find some :)


  6. I LOVE shoes. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. And I have terrible foot problems, so ironically, I can only wear either my sneakers with ortho insoles or my ortho flip flops to get to work (over half a mile walk). So I’ll bring them and change. Some faves are a pair of short black Harley boots with a massive silver buckle that zip up which I have had for 15 years and a kickin’ pair of brown Frye boots. And a shitload of high heels. I can wear those for only a very limited time, and so mostly I wear them at home for my husband. I buy 95% of my shoes online from Zappos, because they give me free shipping both ways and I hate shopping in public.


  7. I love my flops and sandals. My days of wearing high heels are over and quite frankly, not appropriate for working at the “dump”. :) I’m more of a flat kinda flip flop, sneakers kind of gal, when I have to wear shoes. At home, I’m always bare footed!

    Oh, and I can totally relate to your “jeans” comment! How can one person where 3 different sizes of jeans or pants? Oh how depressing! Love the topic gf!


  8. I am not your normal target audience…however I tend to wear one specific type of shoes…flip-flops…you see, I’ve lived on an island for the past 7 years and they make me smile… one brand in particular..Olukai…sure the ones I wear are around a $130 bucks but they last forever and are really beautifully crafted.

    As for gladiator shoes that you wear…ummm stop now… as a man who talks to other men…we hate them….seriously…no chick should ever disgrace your feet in such ways… if you want to go to war, those shoes might be cool, but if you want to portray something sweet, fun, approachable….then never wear those again….



  9. I get a lot of my shoes on line, mostly flats because I have terrible bunions (which are getting operated on soon-yuck). I hate shoes, too. Would much rather go barefoot or wear flip flops. And I hate shopping too. That’s why I do it on line.


  10. I’m not a big fan of high heels, um, I mean when women wear them, not me. Not that I wear them. Much. Only on the weekends and it’s strictly a comfort thing. Jees, I hope that came across as a joke.

    I think men have it easier when it comes to footwear, shoes for an office or more official stuff then anything else goes, except those horrible leather sandals. Yuk. I don’t know if this is a English thing but in the summer you often see middle aged+ men wearing socks pulled up to their knees and sandals! Eeew! Even flip-flops make me feel weird on men, I don’t know why, whereas women can wear them with so much more grace and style.


  11. Good Morning Princess…I am with you on this one…love my rubber flops.
    The first thing I do when I get home is to kick off my shoes.
    Having said that…today I am in slippers…nice and cold here!


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