I’ve lost my little dog…

In the four foot grass in my back yard.

I have to suck it up and somehow mow it this weekend. It is long.

I hate the first mow of the year. My lawn is really wet, until about the end of MAY. I have to mow it before then, but I am afraid I will lose my riding lawn mower in the swamp that is in the back yard and never get it out.

So this weekend I am going to get the weed wacker fired up, and maybe the push mower, and see what I can do with those, my yard might have to have a bad haircut for a few weeks I am thinking, cause otherwise I am going to lose some pets in the jungle.

Odie is so funny, he won’t walk in the long grass in the morning because it is cold and wet, yes he is a diva.

Once he finally pees, he runs back to the door going about 50 miles an hour like he is being chased by the devil. I am easily amused.

I have put the hummingbird feeders out, but there has been no sign of action yet, last year I had at least four of them that regularly fought each other for food. I could sit nearly right under the feeders by the end of the summer and they would come right up to the feeders.

It’s starting to warm up a bit now in my yard so I should see some around this weekend flying around in the jungle.

It kinda pisses me off that the deer don’t eat the grass, I mean they annihilate everything else, why the hell do they have to be so fussy? There is more grass than anything and it is easy access.  It is a no brainer as far as I am concerned. I have a herd of them here, I would never have to mow the lawn again if they would just participate in my madness…

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So now I am off for a shower, then I am bringing the car out, and we are going for a drive and a coffee with my bestie Diann. The yardwork has to wait til later when everything dries out a bit more than it is right now. Two sunny days and two days off, life is good!!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!

Peace ♥ Out…


18 thoughts on “I’ve lost my little dog…

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  2. I laughed at the “first mow of the year” – then I remembered – you have snow over there!

    We mow all year – in the winter more than anything. Often summer is too dry for anything to grow much, so winter and spring are the big mowing seasons.

    Love the pansies, almost match the car!

  3. Looks like all small dogs hate going out in wet grass to do their ‘thing’. My dog Poppy, a shih-tzu is no different – in fact if she so much as hears the rain, she won’t even go as far as the door, because she knows what’s waiting for her outside – cold, wet grass up to her tummy! These little dogs are so smart!
    Your yard looks lovely Donna.

  4. Mowing high grass is not fun at all. If you happen to be the one to clean your riding mower, then you might like a The Mojack riding lawn mower lift. It’s safe and easy to use while cleaning or doing maintenance on your mower. You can find us at http://TheMojack.com or visit us on Facebook. Have a great Friday!!

  5. Look at you!

    So,we even have similar dogs…they both are small white things with some brown mixed in…and my dog is Ozo and your’s is Odie. Ha!

    Ozo races in the house after doing his business as well! He does not like wet grass either. When it rains, we’re screwed. “go Potty.” he looks at me like I’m crazy and goes on the sidewalk.


  6. My dog Ernie is a diva, too. The grass is too wet, apparently and he does what he has to do as fast as he can and then drags me back to the apartment. Wish I had a lawn where I could let him out. Ralphy is still trying to figure out what he’s supposed to do. Dumb.

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