My gut feeling is, RUN…

Picture by Mykl Roventine

I had a customer today, that scared the shit out of me.

I don’t scare easily. My gut told me the whole time I was helping the guy…to run.

Fast and far.

I of course had no way to get away from him. I was at work.

When I am uncomfortable with people, I will usually not make eye contact. I felt that I nearly HAD to with this guy, just to show him I wasn’t afraid. What the hell?

My gut is always right. I cannot think of one time EVER when it hasn’t been.

When I was about 12 years old, my girlfriend and I were down at the beach, which was right next to the Ferry terminal. At that time there was no fence around the terminal, and people came and went as they pleased while waiting for the ferry. We were getting ready to go home one night at about 6, packing up our stuff, and suddenly there was a guy walking towards us. I looked at him and said to Lorene, “we need to go, now…I have a bad feeling about that guy.”

We started to walk and he started to run after us. Holy fuck. Not cool. The beach was totally secluded, and we were far enough down and away from the ferry no one could see. There were no houses on the beach, it was all bush. We were terrified.

We ran.

We started to go up the trail to one of our teachers houses, it was the closest trail, but not the one that we usually took, we were running as fast as we could but he was catching up to us, and we were running up hill. At the top of the trail, when we had just got to the edge of Mr. Grey’s yard, Lorene dropped her towel…AND SHE WENT BACK TO GET IT!!!! I was screaming at her to leave it and just run…the guy got to the top of the trail, seriously not even 10 feet from Lorene and suddenly he stopped and turned around, disappearing back down the trail. I have never been so scared in my life. I turned around to see what could have stopped him, and Mr. Grey was standing on his balcony. I have no idea what we would have done if he hadn’t been there.

It was weird because we told him that the guy was chasing us, and that is why we came up into his yard…but I don’t remember anything else being done about it. I don’t even know if I ever told my parents about it. Probably not, as I am sure we would have then had different rules about hanging at the beach…and at 12 that would have sucked. Kids forget the fear, pretty much when it is over, but to this day, once and a while, I remember that feeling…

I remembered it again today…

I got the guy everything he wanted, his fertilizer, his soil and his fruit tree. We go to load the stuff in his white mini van with NO SIDE WINDOWS…and guess what was in the back of the pedivan, just guess…


I am not even kidding you.

Run Donna Run…

He said to me, as I stood there probably with my mouth hanging open because the guy had a BED in his van…”well I guess I will have to get that out of the way”

Do you fucking think? And why the HELL would you go to a garden centre to get a tree and bags of soil, with a BED in the back of your creepy mini van? Why would you chance that someone would see that?

He kept saying my name too, like over and over again, every time he said something to me he used my name.

Damn name tag.

Of all the days I remember to wear it right?

I just wanted to crawl into the back room and wait for him to leave, without having to interact at all.

But nooooo…lucky me, everyone else was somewhere else, there wasn’t another soul in sight…

I was actually to the point where I didn’t want to be within touching distance in any way, because it felt unsafe. Like he was going to throw me into the pedivan and drive away with me…

Seriously, it could have happened and no one would have seen me go. He was the only car in the lot, and the rest of the staff were all somewhere else working. No one would have seen it.

I was looking for back up…trust me. Where the hell is Nigel when you need him to chase off the freaks? Dammit. Having only one man working at the store can be challenging. Well for him anyways. Can you imagine being the only male with like 10-12 women to deal with everyday.

Not many guys could pull that off…but his pitbull skills need tuning…

So now, I am on the look out for the creepy mini van guy, to make sure he isn’t going to try and abduct me and take me somewhere and put me in a cellar…

I think I need to stop watching Criminal minds 9 times a week as well…it makes a creepy situation even worse when you have too active of an imagination.

Hopefully he doesn’t watch it…

I seem to be having a creepy man week, the freak magnet is strong for some reason, thank god Thursday is my Friday, and I then have two days off…

I need a break, it’s hard work fighting off creepy…

Be careful out there girls…

Peace ♥ Out…


26 thoughts on “My gut feeling is, RUN…

  1. Jesus, nutcase alert! I must have a macabre imagination but the stuff he bought sounds like he was planning to bury his latest victim and plant a nice fruit tree on top of the grave. If he comes back you hit the panic button hard and fast!

  2. My heart was racing when I was reading the chase scene.
    You always have to trust your gut. It’s something special that we women have. I would rather trust my gut and be embarrassed (has happened to me) than ignore that feeling and be sorry. I couldn’t imagine not trusting my gut. It would feel completely unnatural.

  3. I love Criminal Minds – but I’ll admit it can make you a little wary! I’ve had that happen to me after watching too much of it. Which just goes to show there might be a lot to that argument about violent computer games, but I digress.

    Glad you are safe.

    You know, as I was reading, I hat the plot all worked out. He needed to plant the trea to gover up the fact he had buried his dead wife in the back yard and the bed was going to the tip so CSI wouldn’t find traces of blood on it.

  4. That’s scary Donna; always trust your gut instinct, it won’t let you down – that’s how I feel as well. Do you carry your cell phone at work with you? Just thinking if you do, you could have called your boss quickly to tell him to get over to where you were – just in case. I hope you told him what happened.
    You take care – and go with your gut feeling every time, you hear?

  5. That’s terrifying. Keep aware of your surroundings, that creep could come back. Go with your gut, for sure. I had to stop watching Criminal Minds a few years ago, when my daughter was in college and they had all these shows about young girls being victimized; I kept finding myself in tears, feeling helpless. Enough already.

  6. Yep – always trust your intuition. At least I’ve discovered over the years that having freak magnitude fine-tunes that radar over the years. This was super-creepy. About your experience as a kid, I did have to smile at the part about kids forgetting fear quickly and the most important thing being not getting the rules tightened up – I would have so thought the same thing at that age!

  7. I would have been scared out of my mind. I would have stalled until there was someone else around or pretend you need something in the store, anything to get away from this creep. Glad you’re safe,

  8. Always, always, trust your gut. Hope you got his licence plate and reported it to the police. Even if it’s nothing it’s always better safe than sorry, mildly humiliated rather than what might have happened. Gut feelings have been there before we walked up right. And cut back on the Criminal Minds, lol.

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