B.O.T.W. Wednesdays…

I am going to start a new Wednesday tradition…

Each Wednesday I am going to feature a blog I love to read…

This link will introduce you to the blogs I hang out at on a regular basis, because all good things should be shared with your friends…

So enjoy, and lets pass on some blog love shall we?

This week I would like to introduce you to:

Drumroll please…

Accidental Stepmom:

Her blog is funny, truthful and her life is somewhat parallel to my own (except her brood is younger!!) She has a great sense of humor and I always look forward to the next post… oh and she has a kick ass Mustang named Lucy… you know that adds points!!

So thanks JM for making me smile on a regular basis and being part of my little blog world!!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Peace ♥ Out…


16 thoughts on “B.O.T.W. Wednesdays…

  1. What a great idea Donna, and a good way to introduce your blogging buddies to others! This is one blog I will be looking forward to every Wednesday!
    Going over to check out Accidental Stepmom now, cuz I don’t know her – yet, but thanks to you, I will!

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