Dude…I can appreciate your enthusiasm, but really?

It’s a full moon tonight, I guess that is a good as reason as any. The day started out bizarre, and just carried on from there.

First thing this morning, I look out my bedroom window, and I see this…

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that you want your kids to enjoy the yard, and camping in it…but dude, it is 1.7 Celsius in the morning still. Are you trying to freeze your very small children to death?

This tells me, it is cold INSIDE, never mind outside. And buddy, your babies are small. And there are rabid deer and maybe a bear. You should rethink the tent, just saying.

The second full moon incident was at work.

Let me fill you in a bit.

Our garden centre is also the owners residence. Sucks for them alot of days, I am sure.

So we have a sign and a gate. Now with most businesses that I have ever shopped at, when the sign says closed and the gate is locked, it means the business is CLOSED.

We have a problem with people not giving a shit. They park their car in front of the locked gate, get out of their car and WALK down, past the locked gate, ten minutes before we are open.

REALLY? People come on.

When we are open, the gate will be and the sign will say so…it only makes fucking sense doesn’t it?

You are not special, I will not feel like being nice to you and unlocking the door when you are not supposed to be there at all.

How are you so damn important that you get to come in first?

Before we are ready. It is not ok. It makes me grumpy.

Luckily Barbara said she would help you, and you didn’t get me, AFTER I came from opening the gate and putting the open sign up.

The rest of the day was insane but fairly uneventful, people go wacko when the moon is full. Some people don’t believe that to be true, but my theory is that those people are the ones that are being crazy. Because it DOES make a difference.

Bill nearly got wiped out twice this morning on the way to his first job…

I am thinking see this post, there is no need for me to repeat myself is there? Because it’s been a long day, and I am tired.

Happy Full Moon Crazy Monday my friends!!!

Peace ♥ Out…

10 thoughts on “Dude…I can appreciate your enthusiasm, but really?

  1. Ha Ha…maybe they’re practicing winter camping. Some people like to do that…or maybe they were just airing out the tent. Who knows! They sound like my ditzy neighbors up behind us on the mountain. We’re under a fire ban and their kids are shooting bottle rockets off the deck into the forest!! Idiots!!


  2. I agree, I’ve seen it too – people do act weird during the full moon. More car accidents, more stupid behaviors. Not that they’re not stupid other times…. ;) This is just “enhanced stupid”. LOL


  3. That Full Moon stuff is definitely true. I’ve had so many strange encounters with people during the Full Moon. People really do go a bit wacky when there is a Full Moon. Supposedly more babies are born during a Full Moon too.


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