Super Sexy Sunday…

I feel like summer is coming, some days not as much as others, but you know it has to get here eventually right?

So how do you protect your skin?

I use sunscreen every single day usually from March onwards.

When I was a kid we used to lay out in the sun baking in baby oil…ahh the good old days, if only we knew then what we do now.

The sun is hell on your skin.

And Cancer sucks.

So lets protect ourselves the best we can from it. I am not saying I never take some time to sit in the sun, I do. Just not for three hours frying anymore.

What were we thinking?

I use Ombrelle Sunscreen. It is good on your face, won’t make you break out and keeps my skin moisturized too.

I always moisturize big time. If there is one thing I faithfully do every single day, sometimes twice it is put cream on my skin.

At night be sure to use a good moisturizer like Palmer’s Coco butter…

I love this moisturizer, it smells delicious and really keeps your skin soft, all of it, hands and feet too!!

I use the oil moisturizer by Palmer’s on my face. Not greasy and you barely need any, the bottle I have is barely gone and I have had it for over a month now. It smells good too!!

So enjoy the summer sun, but protect yourself and be soft and smooth at the same time!!

Nothing is sexier than soft smooth skin…

Your man will love you for it :) and you will feel amazing!!

Peace ♥ Out…


3 thoughts on “Super Sexy Sunday…

  1. Hi RNP,
    Suncream with high UV is def a way of life as I am very fair. I certainly do remember the days when I used to use baby oil or olive oil with no UV protection. Makes me cringe now.
    I find a product called Bio oil excellent for softening the skin after the long winter cover up :)

  2. I love cocoa-butter moisturizer. It is the best smelling, greatest thing. I also use sunscreen, but all year round here in South Texas. It is really a necessity if you don’t want cancer. I can not convince my daughter of this and 35 is not too young to start protecting your skin especially after you’ve been abusing it for 35 years.

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