A road trip and a showing…

Weekend over, bummer…

Heading home to CR, back to work Sunday…

I have a showing Saturday at 1 pm. Now I told my agent when she called me on Wednesday that I wasn’t going to be home. There was going to be a medium to high chance that the house MAY not be as clean as usual.

Or at all.

I have threatened my kids with their lives. The house was spotless when I left. There is a 15 year old sleep over tonight, and the 20 year old whirling dervish has come in off of the boat. He is like Pigpen from Charlie Brown…he leaves a trail…of debris…everywhere.

Not kidding.

He gets that from my brother. My brother got all the musical talent. I got none. I got all the cleaning talent. He got none.

It works out.

Dylan is like my brother.

In many ways…

That is cool…but he is a slob. He doesn’t care. At all. He is good in his skin. At least that is clean.

But that doesn’t help with the cleaning of my house even a little bit. I just keep telling myself, they are buying the house, not the mess that the kids are surely making, it will be fine…they will understand.

I am also taking my Mustang back home after it being in storage at my Dad’s house for the last nine months…see this post for more info about that. I am insuring 100% that my house will sell.


I told my agent on Wednesday that I will see her on Saturday night when she brings me the offer. She was like what???? Until she clued in…giggled and said “ohhhhh, nice positive attitude, I will see you then!!”

She was the one that TOLD me to watch The Secret again…I did. She told me I had to be positive and sure I was going to sell it. I am.

Today, we drove past a house that I totally ADORE in Maple Ridge…and IT IS FOR RENT!!!! It is on 5 acres, the house is quite small, but totally redone, and it is around the corner and 5 minutes from Bill’s house. I love it…if it was meant to be, it will stay empty until next week. When I will know I am going to need somewhere to live, it is all falling into place.

And a job…well…

My tattoo artist and his wife are talking about opening a shop in Maple Ridge…they will need a manager. I want the job. We have talked, she knows…it was meant to be. That would be a dream job for me. And I kick ASS at organizing.

It might be an issue with not getting my entire body tattooed, but somehow I would have to find some self control. Ya right.

Like all of a sudden I have in my head, it is time to trade in my paid off truck. On a Mustang. A new one. Well not brand new…but I miss my ’04. I wouldn’t want a loan payment at all…I am now on the lookout.

Things are a changing. My truck will be hell in the city. It is so big and such a gas guzzler, not that a Stang won’t be, but hell…at least it’s a Stang…right?

I just won’t be able to take the kids anywhere…

The back seat of the Mustang is for pixies, with no legs.

Family outings are overrated, they can take the bus, and meet us there. They don’t ever want to go out in public with us anyway. Well Hannah still does, but you know in two years she won’t want to. We can just fold her up in the back until then. It will be fine, really.

She will understand, I might have to let her drive it once and a while, I am good with that. I am sure she will be able to drive better than any of the boys do. I will make sure she does. She will of course need her own Mustang one day, if she is into it. Which hopefully she will be. She is testing for her second degree black belt in Taekwondo in two weeks. She can do whatever the hell she wants…

I am good with that.

So I am heading back to the North Island…probably as you read. I will post pictures of the ride home if there is any photo opportunities worthy of stopping, hopefully it will be sunny, and not raining. If it is, I will just motor it on home, there will be nothing to see in the rain…move along.

This week is gonna be busy, I am selling a house, detailing and welcoming home my 67…I will have to start thinking about packing, and of course I have a job to go to. We should start amping up now, cause it is gonna start to get warm, I promise…my forecasting is better than the damn weatherman’s is. I am right more of the time. Seriously.

Hopefully wherever you are, wherever that may be is sunny and happy on this Saturday…

Tomorrow will be the beginning of the Super Sexy Sunday Linkup!!! So come on back and check it out…Happy Saturday folks!!

Peace ♥ Out…


8 thoughts on “A road trip and a showing…

  1. Nooo, you can’t get rid of your beautiful Mustang! Like you say, family outings are over rated anyway! Sounds like a new job would be a great move for you! Hope it works out!

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