Five Question Friday…

1. What is your favorite sign of spring? The daffodils and tulips blooming, and when the trees are just barely budding out, and you KNOW it isn’t going to be long before it is going to warm up and be summer!!

2. What was your best birthday ever? I don’t have a specific one that sticks in my memory, I am just glad to be alive and kicking!!

3. What is your favorite dessert? Definitely gotta be cheesecake…any kind. Or Pavlova…mmm, ya maybe that instead, with fresh fruit and lots of fresh whipped cream on top!! 

4. What is the best excuse you’ve ever used to get out of a ticket? Seriously, I have only ever got one ticket, for going through an orange light. The cop was a dick, and I should have fought it, but I had three kids at the time, and I just paid it instead.

5. Do you wake up before your alarm, with your alarm, or after hitting snooze several times? Most days, definitely snooze, just once though, or I don’t have time to blog before work :)

Peace ♥ Out…


6 thoughts on “Five Question Friday…

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  2. You blog before work? That’s impressive. I usually just sleep before work ;) Ok that, and have breakfast and of course the usual bathroom scene. No blogging unfortunately, I’m too lazy for that…

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