Back in the saddle…


Mustang + Rain = :(

I never drive her in the rain. Mostly because I have windshield and back window issues…like they leak, big time. She is a fairweather car. But you know what, neither of us melt, and we made it here, pouring rain and all. The drive to Bill’s wasn’t too terrible, it rained a little, and today I will have to do a totally detailing on her, but it is soooo worth it to be back driving her again.

I had no heater up until yesterday, I have had the heater CORE sitting in my garage for going on four years now, but my ex besties hubby told me I had to take the whole dash off to change it, so I have been putting it off as the dash was all brand new, and I had a bitch of a time putting it on, and sure as hell didn’t want to take it all off again if I didn’t have to…well I had to, and guess what???


Oh well, Bill totally helped fix it…ya ok, he did it all. I took a couple of screws off and put the glove box back on when he was done. It was pouring and he sort of took over, so I let him. I was going to take pics of it all…but again it was POURING…like with snow mixed in.

It always takes a while to get back with the feel of driving an older car. The brakes suck…the tires are huge on the back, so if you hit a bump she goes wherever the hell she wants…but DAMN…I love the growl, the smell, the looks…

Mind you yesterday it was probably mostly people thinking, what the HELL is that woman doing driving that car on a day like today. But I got a smirk or two…

The ferry was uneventful…usually I have to sit like a pitbull in the car, and make sure people aren’t worthy of dying walking past. Luckily yesterday I was at the back, and it was quiet…no one had to die.

When we got to Bill’s house, we had to maneuver the driveway a little. It is Vancouver, she never stays outside, and Liam’s car is close. All of these terrify me.

But we had her locked and loaded in the yard…

Someone tried to steal Bill’s jeep at one point…so I am not taking any chances. They would have to get BOTH of them moved, and I have a steering wheel lock on mine as well, so good luck with that assholes.

I still hate leaving her outside though…

But today is sunny and beautiful, so we are gonna do some cleaning, and then some cruising, what a difference from yesterday. I hope the drive home to CR is dry tomorrow. Not that it matters, I have wipers and heat. We will both dry out eventually, right?

I will try and document the roadtrip home, I am planning on going the scenic route and taking my time. I may as well enjoy the drive…

Happy Friday my friends…

Peace ♥ Out…


12 thoughts on “Back in the saddle…

  1. So glad you got your baby back and can drive it around for a bit. I was never so happy to see my car from the repair shop after the accident. I just wanted MY car to drive and not some rental. I know how you feel.

  2. Ain’t it just beautiful being reunited with your bestest buddie!

    Happy motoring Redneck p, drive carefully and stay safe

    love P

  3. She’s back where she belongs – with Mama! Must have felt great driving her again.
    On the road-trip back home, take some photos of the journey if you can. I’d love to see some of you in the Mustang!

  4. Oh, it’s so gorgeous in Sunny southern California today, I so wish you had your car here and I could bug you for a cruise! My friend had a mustang and it was all beaten up and he kept swearing he was going to fix it and never did. He was dating a close friend of mine and she’s like – hey, hop in the back…THERE’S A HOLE IN THE FLOOR?

    I sat away from the hole hoping nothing would pop up at me. :) So funny- had forgotten about that until now.


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