Troublemakers Reunited…

I am finally going to get her and bring her back home. I haven’t seen, touched or driven my baby since August last year.

Me and Jezz 2004

I attended a car show  in my home town August 7-9 and  then left my car with my Dad, with full intention of being moved over to the mainland before now.

Unfortunately, I haven’t sold my house yet, and it is nearing time for the Stang to come out from storage baby…

I am feeling the urge.

Having the car so far away from me has been good. I had a few moments last year when I seriously considered selling her.

I am so over it.

I have regretted selling my 2004 since the day I did it. Everyday. I have no idea what I was thinking when I thought I would be able part with Jezz.

I have had her longer than any man, any house, any obsession I have had before.

We get each other.

We were meant to be.

I do as much work as I can on her myself, and I am not kidding you when I tell you that my Dad having my car has aged me about ten years :) His Tom Foolery giving me near jammers…pretty much weekly.

He is just making sure I never take up his shop space EVER again, I know all about his reindeer games. After all, I am his favorite daughter. He

Jezebelle and Annie

can’t trick me.

I can’t wait to slide onto the cool black seat, pump the gas and rev her up. Nothing else feels, smells, or makes my heart race like that. Every single time I start that old 289 up and hear and feel the roar, I remember the first day I drove her, and just KNEW I had to have that car.

I can’t drive her and not smile, the whole time, I don’t stop smirking. I love the take off, stomping her to the floor and squealing the tires. And going…fast.

I love that people stop what they are doing to watch her drive by. That they wave and smile, that they point, and look…and you know they are remembering, something or someone in their past, that there is someplace they go back to, that makes them smile.

Nothing is better than that. To give a total stranger a smile, a memory, a dream…

I know when I drive her, I feel like I am living in mine. I am a very lucky Princess…

Happy Spring my friends…

Peace ♥ Out…


26 thoughts on “Troublemakers Reunited…

  1. If you Google search for the Ford KA (silver) and you’ll see why I am insanely jealous of your stunning car! My car gets me around and it’s cheap to run but every so often I long to cruise in something as fabulous as yours!

  2. You go! I think today’s the day to pull Miss Lucy out as well. I also briefly considered selling her this winter, because it seemed like the “responsible thing to do”. But I ain’t doing that. Enjoy!

  3. Oh man, you’re living my dream too! Mustangs have always been my favorites (especially the year of yours), but I was never lucky enough to own one. The only car I ever bonded with was a Grand Prix I had, but some idiot rammed it from behind so hard it was totaled. When you get ‘er back, give ‘er a rev for me!

  4. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful car color and the passion to ride it. Car shows in our area a huge. We go every single year. My old town has a show each Thursday in the downtown area. Love it.

  5. Thank you my dear for your good wishes. I hope that your Spring will be equally as happy.
    I think that it will just as soon as you are reunited with the love of your life.

    thank you for that lovely post

    Love P and a great big smile:-)))

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