What the Princess wants…

Ever have one of those days when you just want to change everything you do?

I am having that day today. I am not sure what that is all about. I am bored I guess.

I want to do something totally out of my zone…

I want to not cook supper.

I want to not do my laundry.

I want to drive my car. But I can’t. Because it is at my Dad’s house, 5 hours away. I am thinking next weekend, I am going to get her and bring her home.

I want to not put my makeup on and do my hair. But I will, the world just doesn’t deserve that, at all.

I want to be unbearably wealthy.

I want to be in Portugal.

I want to find an unbelievably cool gift for Dylan and his 20th birthday…

I want to be totally irresponsible, spend the Orthodontist money on something ridiculous that I would never buy cause I don’t have an extra $700, like a kick ass really cool tattoo.

But I won’t. I am weird that way.

Colton said that if I offered him up to work instead of paying, they would be sadly disappointed. I said that WE both knew that, but they didn’t.

I want my Mom’s pain to go away…and for her to feel totally healthy all the time.

I want my kids to be unbelievably healthy and happy.

I want my cat to be human.

I want to live in Vancouver now. I am done with the waiting…long distance is not working for me.

I want the new owners of my house, to drive by, and feel it…really feel it, like I did before I even came into the house. I would like that to happen today please.

I want to be a gypsy…like a real one.

I want my Dad to know, I really do try my hardest…

I want to have enough energy to go to kickboxing today…but I just don’t. Work is killing me. A walk would be nice though.

I want to get in my car and just drive…wherever…somewhere I have never been. Or to Victoria, to see Cathy.

But OH…I have no car, it’s at my dad’s house.

I want to wear my cowboy hat, dance in the mud and drink way too much tequila, and NOT have a hangover the next day.

I want to kiss Keith Urban…just once. Really I would be fine with once. Probably not a good idea after the tequila though, for his sake. Just saying.

I want to take my Mom and just the two of us go somewhere totally crazy, that we never would have thought of before.

I want world peace.

I want the earth to stop shaking in the bad way.

I want people to learn how to drive…people all over the place…just pay attention, please?

I want to eat chocolate for one day, all day, for every meal, and not gain 10 pounds or get 6 zits on my face…

I want to hug my Grandma just one more time…

Some of these things WILL happen…some will not.

Of some stuff, I have control…of some, I do not.

I am the only one with the power to get it started…

this I know, and embrace…

let the new beginning start…

Peace ♥ Out…


17 thoughts on “What the Princess wants…

  1. I loved this post. I made me happy and sad, cry and laugh. I want some of those same things that you want and I want you to have the things you want and need. I want only the best for you, Princess.

  2. I see a “try before you die” list here! I do feel this way every now and then myslef. Like I want to change the world but don’t know where to start.

  3. LOVE this! Knowing the difference between the things you do have control over and the those you don’t and not dwelling on them is a tough but important thing. Great list of wants for yourself and those you love and beyond. Good luck!

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