A pickle jar full of fat…

So now what do I do with it?

I don’t mean a little pickle jar,  ’cause I really like pickles as you well know, and I buy the  BIG jars.

I have been putting my grease in this jar since I moved in here. It is a good thing that it took me three years to fill it up, I think….

At the same time it terrifies me a little, no actually it terrifies me a lot.

That is a huge amount of fat…and grease. GAH…

So who’s great idea was it to fill a jar up with grease anyways? I am gonna blame my Mom…I don’t know why, I just have no idea who else would have told me to do that.

So really…now what?

I can’t really throw it in the trash can I? It weighs about 20 pounds…

You can’t recycle it…for sure.

Should I bury it in the yard, 16 feet down, in the jar..and then in 20 years when they are digging around out there, they will find the jar of fat?

Kind of like when we found the Porn Video in my basement floor???

Only maybe not as funny as that…

and fatter.

And really, what else do you DO with it?? It is disgusting, I wouldn’t want to try and take it OUT of the jar. Mind you, it isn’t solid so it would just kind of glump out…but WHERE?

It will attract unwanted wildlife…like rats, I think…and I am sure bears would dig it…and every fucking dog on the block would smell it…

I googled it, and a lot of people cook other stuff with it…ya. NO.

Maybe if I had intention of that in the beginning, but I didn’t and after three years, I am going to say there is probably a million different disgusting things in there that I do NOT want to consume.

Apparently people make cookies, bourbon, bacon flavored veggies or mayonnaise with it. Really?

Yuck, you people are gross.

The only one that looked vaguely doable was the bird suet. But I am lazy, so forget it.

I am not going to be responsible for giving a bird a jammer from my bacon fat.

I have a not quite full garbage can this week, maybe if I put it in the middle of the nasty blanket I am throwing away, they won’t notice the gross jar of fat that the crazy woman on the highway threw away…

I don’t want to be that girl, but I probably already am, so I guess there is nothing to lose. Unless they don’t take it. Then I am screwed.

Then I WILL bury it…without the jar of course, that would just be wrong.

But I am going to try and get away with the garbage can first…cause it’s gross, and I don’t want to be responsible for it anymore…

I need a new way to dispose of my fat.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free…we don’t want a repeat of this in two more years…

I would appreciate the input…really I would…

Peace ♥ Out…

43 thoughts on “A pickle jar full of fat…

  1. I sooo thought of you today (not in a creepy way)…but because I made bacon and drained the fat to cool. Where did we learn this weird routine from you ask? I learned from my country dad who claimed it would clog the drain. I’ve been so scared and now that I’m nearly 30 still freak out if people try to pour it down the drain. At least we always know we’re clog-free, but will most def. have other problems like animal attackings, bugs, angry trashmen… ahh well. We heart bacon.


  2. In response to TO “Every time I think you are a very “proper” person, you come out with something completely left field and convince me there is a VERY bad girl in there!”
    Moi proper? I’m a convent girl through and through LOL ;) I just have a wicked sense of humour…. :) No you are right, my friends don’t know how to take me sometimes….and yes if I had a jar of fat that size I probably would have found another bin to put it in :oops:


  3. Not that I cook or anything but I too always wondered what the heck you were supposedto do with it once you put it in a can or a jar or whatever. Now I know. Just toss it.


  4. Any time I use a can, I wash it out and stick it in the freezer. Then, I pour fat into it, and refreeze it. It’s much less messy, and I can throw them away every few months, as opposed to having a BIG HEAVY JAR to throw away. I know, I know, I’m not recycling the can. But for every one can of fat I fill, I’ve probably recycled 15 others.

    I’m wondering what you really will do with that jar…


  5. Some people use it to create bio-diesel fuel. You can buy a kit on the web for about $100. Restaurants actually sell it now and its used for just that purpose.
    Or you could open a bar and feature grease wrestling pits!


  6. I’m astonished that someone didn’t understand why you collect?
    We’re not cookers in my family, but the first thing I ever learned…cooking hamburger and such, you have to DRAIN the fat. We don’t put it down the actual drain, because it hardens and everything collects and clogs so you have to Roto Rooter it.

    We always had a huge crisco can we were filling. I think my mom just tossed it. I keep a small can in the freezer so everything is ultra hard, no sloshies for me. Goes way in the back so I don’t see it.

    Yes, my aunt used to make some yummy, fattening stuff resuing some of the mornings bacon grease to cook in…so if it’s not too old, it’s not unheard of and can be tasty if done correctly.

    I dated a hispanic man for about 4 years and his mom cooks old school, from Mexico, and every meal lard is used to cook with the beans. They have beans w/every meal!

    So, you can be resourceful w/it and other meals with new grease. However, the old grease, most sensible “return to earth” would be the bird thing. I didn’t know humming birds would be interested in that. Wonder, if It would help sustain them during troubled times finding food…or just make them fat? Great! their poor little wings.

    P.S.- you changed your site! Looks great!


  7. I put any fat (bacon grease etc) into a bowl..let it cool and congeal (UGH) and then once it is solid scrape it into the garbage…even if it is liquidy I put it in the garbage after is has cooled off! No jars or cans are harmed in this process! lol


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