If only I could get a blog ahead of myself…

I would then have one for an emergency situation. But I just can’t seem to get that organized. Or I have days when I post 4 freaking things…

But those days, there is usually a reason why…Friday is a bad day for that, because there is Five Question Friday, the Weekly Photo Challenge, and I usually have something I have to say, cause it’s my day off, and I can.

What would I even say in the blog ahead blog?

I could talk about the fact that every single time I post something with Porn in the title of it, I get crazy hit numbers. It’s hilarious…but it works, every single time. I have tested it.

The other thing I am finding out about blogging, is that you can get addicted to the Site Stat page…it is like crack.

I want to beat my record…it is like a game that I can’t stop playing.

I am over 3o0 visits in one day…that is unreal. I started this blog not having any clue that anyone would read it…I was on blogspot for a year and a half without a comment or any interaction at all. That is why I moved over to WordPress…it was way more interactive.

Who knew???

I never thought I would meet such great people, nor did I have any idea how big blogging actually was, that it was it’s only little world…

Or how much I would absolutely LOVE it. I have always loved writing as an outlet for my insanity. Obviously I am not shy when I can write stuff down and mouth off with some thought involved. Unlike my real life, where I just mouth off without any forethought. I want to say that writing is helping me with that, but ya…it’s not.

I think about things a little more, and I have learned not to just suck things in like I used to. I find that life is easier if you are straight up and straight forward. Don’t play games and tell it like it is. That is what this blog has become to me, an outlet to be real. To be who I really am. The fact that people want to read about it, and sometimes you even like it…just blows my mind, in a great way!!

So to all you wonderful bloggers out there in blog land…thanks, for everything…I love it here!!

 Peace ♥ Out…

34 thoughts on “If only I could get a blog ahead of myself…

  1. Hi RNP,

    Your stats are pretty consistent! I am going to miss blogging when I take a “blogoliday” break in a couple of weeks time as I will not have access to the interent. I’ve already ordered the valium as I will be bouncing off the walls wondering what everyones up to :)


  2. I agree with you! Growing up, I was NEVER allowed to speak my mind, in my houshold, “children were to be seen and not heard!” So, when I found out I could blog, and speak my mind, and people actually listened AND gave advice?! I’m in heaven! Oh and yeah, I’m also slightly addicted as well! Great post!


  3. That’s awesome you’ve 300 visits a day! I’ve been on here since last June and only get a little over 100 on average! I look forward to your posts everyday… glad to have “met” ya in this huge online community lady! Looking forward to many more posts to come too :D


  4. you are so right, its addictive. i got over 450 hits the other day (dont get excited, it was a one off!) and i swear ive had to have my fix ever since. i write about a week in advance sometimes, but right now im in a bit of a funk so im lucky if i can get one down before the next day. i just need a brain spring clean!!!


  5. Yea, I love that I have gotten to know all of the great people on here like you & Hook. It is alot of fun to write & makes you feel so good when people leave a comment & are actually reading what you write! That’s awesome that you have gotten 300 in a day…my record so far is 72! lol Keep it up…love reading your stuff!


  6. I love your blog Donna – you express so many emotions, and so much of yourself, I feel like I know you! I never know what to expect with your blogs – they are always a pleasant surprise, and your honesty is refreshing!
    Congrats on the stats – I am a long way off 300 visits a day! You must be doing it right my friend!


  7. You don’t have to put PORN in the title, let me tell you! On my other blog I wrote this post about a local child sex abuse case http://oyeniyicommentary.wordpress.com/2010/12/06/two-sides-at-12/ and ever since my Google search terms are full of phrases that involve the three words sex, horses and women. They don’t click through to my link, of course, as they can tell from the SERP page this is not what they are looking for, but I’d love to stop those search terms!


  8. Well, I just found your blog and I already like it a lot, although I just read few entries! You talk a lot so I have a lot of reading to do, but I’ll get there, I’ll try to read back as much as I can :)


  9. Same for me. I didn’t know about the blogging community at all. Unfortunately I don’t have as many readers as you do, and since my blog has it’s own hosting I don’t show up in the global tag list so it’s harder to attract new people. I guess I just have to keep commenting on posts and hope some of you out there will click through to my blog some time :)


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