Super Sexy Sunday…

Ok this week…due to real life experience, it is how to fix your streaks if you mess them up.

I have streaked my own hair forever, well for thirty years anyways, you think I would be good at it right?

The first time it turned out great, but then I decided to do it one more time as I am trying to get back to being more blonde again.

The one thing about streaking with a cap, is you have total control, the other thing about streaking with a cap, is that you can’t see if your streaks are too close together.


On my bangs…


So…now I have to fix it.

Because I am OCD.

And it looks like hell.

All I am going to do, is go and buy a dark blonde semi permanent colour and streak over the streak. That should cover it enough that it isn’t so noticeable.

Easy fix that will only cost me about $7.

It sucks that I have to fix it at all, but that is the price you pay when you do your own renovations :) I still probably saved about $50.

The one thing that people don’t do when they do their own hair is the strand test. If you have never streaked or coloured your own hair before, you HAVE to do the test. It is really important to leave the colour in long enough. Especially if you are bleaching. If you don’t leave the colour in for long enough, you will have orange.

Never sexy.

My hair takes a long time to strip, so I have to leave the colour in for usually at least an hour.

The big chunk I have in my bangs is a lovely blonde :)

The other thing people do wrong, it taking too much hair out. You want it to be subtle and layered looking, not chunky…

Not a good look if you are over about 25…just saying.

The other thing is to use a good quality streak kit. I always use the one from Revlon. It has one for brown hair and one for blondes. Use the one suitable to your shade…Blonder is not always better.

And if you have black hair and want to lighten it…I highly recommend you go see a stylist.

So here is a picture of my hair before the fix up…a little too blonde and porn star for me in the front…and after, which I definitely am happier with.



The color is way different in both pictures as one was taken in the daytime and one was at night, the only part I changed was the bangs on the right side that were blonde :) Amazing what light can do isn’t it? Anyways…I feel far sexier now that I fixed that!! Lesson to self…pay attention to the pieces as you pull them through the damn cap…

Disaster averted…

Happy Sunday my friends…

 Peace ♥ Out…


20 thoughts on “Super Sexy Sunday…

  1. Oh the things we do to ourselves!!! Your highlights look beautiful! I tried doing them at home only once and they turned out HORRIBLY! :P Now I cough up the money and get them done; the place I go to has 50% color specials 4x a year though so it helps the wallet out a little bit.

  2. I know what you mean about the cap. I had long hair in high school & this girl that I dated did that to mine (sat there a while with the cap on while she pulled pieces through all the holes). I liked it, but right after we got finished, she put a perm in my hair too…..fried the crap out of it. Took a while to get it back right! Yours looks good!

  3. I liked the before as well :) This is NOT what I would classify as a “fu**-up” when streaking. That is what happens when you mix, bleach, hair and alcohol…HA! I would not have thought of the dark blond hair colour Donna….Great idea…will remember that one! :)

  4. Good morning Princess.

    Your hair looks fine to me but then its not MY hair. I love doing mine different colors and once had it blonde and pink. That was in my younger days. this would never do at 72, so now I just go for blonde sort of. Not bleached blonde but a subtle light blonde.
    Anyway enough of that crap!

    Have a happy day yourself and a good week

    love p

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