Todd and the Tulips…

What an amazing day it was here today!! The sun is shining, everything is in bloom and it actually feels like spring might really be here.

I had a great day today, I slept in until nearly 10, which is unheard of for me…especially since I was in bed early last night. When I flung open all my curtains it was beautiful out!!

I was supposed to go to my first day of kickboxing this morning with my friend Di, but we never connected, and I still have a fairly bad cough from the plague I am recently over, so I am thinking next week is going to work out better, maybe after work one night this week I can talk the girls into going to try it out!!

My youngest needed a ride to the other side of town…you know, like the bad side, where he hangs out a lot…usually I make him take the bus, but we hadn’t got around to getting April’s bus pass yet, and I had to go halfway there to get it, so I figured I may as well take him all the way there. The ocean was choppy from the Northerly wind that is howling through the straight, it was a really nice day for a drive.

Ok…my kid doesn’t really hang out on the bad side of town…

I don’t know if there is a bad side of town here…if there is, it is probably my end.

I then had to do some errands, you know, groceries, bank…blah blah blah…

Tulips were on sale at Save On for $1.99…I bought three bunches…LOVE.

On my way home I drove past my friend Phyllis, going the other way of course, called her and we agreed to meet for coffee.

We usually hook up every weekend at some point for a visit at Starbucks, and then go into the London Drugs right next door to pick on our friend Todd.

Todd works in the cosmetics department that my boss’s sister manages. FUN.

Todd was looking extremely on his game today, no hangover or drunken night to tell us about this week…damn it, and he was perky and mouthy as usual…that is how we like him. We expect it. Otherwise, why would we go back, right?

So Phyl and I were talking randomly, and I mentioned the tulips being so cheap at SOF, when Todd chimes in, “Oh I LOVE tulips, they are absolutely my favorite.”

Well, me too…so we had a good giggle over that. And he says, “no one has ever bought me tulips before, that would be so nice”…


Well I fall for it.

He is a cute little Diva, and I think everyone should have spring flowers…no?

Of course over the next ten minutes, he did hint about three more times…

And I am pretty sure he said I was beautiful at one point…actually I think he said “what would you do without me?” as I didn’t know there was a pocket in my coat to put my phone in…and he found one…I said “Well…I would have to carry my phone in my hand” and he said “and you wouldn’t be as beautiful either”…

I didn’t quite catch it at the time…not til I was walking over to get the little princess his flowers, did I clue in :)

I am taking it…he called me beautiful, even with my porn queen hair…

Some creepy guy hit on me in Save on when I was shopping though…that is never good is it? I am blaming the hair for that too…

So I go and buy more flowers, the cashier notices I am back again and comments, so I tell her the story…she laughs.

Apparently Todd might be a little bit famous.

I take him his flowers and gum (he was complaining he needed gum because he had greek salad for lunch)…

Seriously, it was like the best thing ever. He came running up to me and gave me the biggest hug, he said “Oh you didn’t HAVE to buy me flowers”

Um…yes, I did Todd…

No one else has ever deserved them more…

And you know what? I will do a lot of things for a really great hug…it was totally worth it!!

 Peace ♥ Out…


16 thoughts on “Todd and the Tulips…

  1. What a nice thing you did! that probably made his day. Its always nice when we can make people smile and make them feel happy.

    To Redneck Princess 100% full marks

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