The thing about neighbours…

Is mostly because they are too close. You know, like neighbourly. I am a bad neighbour, and I like it that way. I don’t want to be social at my own house unless I choose to be. It never seems to end well for me being friends with the neighbours. Well maybe once or twice it has been ok, but that is not the norm for me.

The first problem is that there is a really good chance they are going to accidentally see me naked. Ya, I know…but it happens. I run around my house that way sometimes. I don’t mean I literally run, but I have been known to go get a coffee that way and stuff, you know, like totally normal stuff, but naked.

It makes things awkward…

I have one neighbour that has lived there for probably over a year or so, the guy that owned it before developed a crack problem and lost the house…it was empty for a long time, I liked that. Then these new people bought it and renovated it. I had high hopes, but the back yard is kind of a mess, which luckily for me, I get to look at…all the time.


I don’t make eye contact. They probably think I am a total bitch. But they have three small children and an annoying dog. If I make eye contact at any point, there will be babysitting and dog watching to follow. For sure. Ain’t happening. I am a bitch.

And I might randomly just spew out that they need to clean up their freaking messy yard. That never ends well.

The other neighbour, who is sort of kitty corner, and on the side of the house I don’t use very much and have no windows looking out on, I know personally. I didn’t know he lived there when I bought the house. I don’t know him well, he was friends of friends of mine. I have kept it that way. He came over and knocked on my door once, when I was single, asked me if I wanted to come over for a beer.

Umm…well wouldn’t that be handy?  But….NO.

We talk over the fence occasionally, and he just sold the house. So that about fixes that all up doesn’t it? God only knows who bought it, I will ignore them too… for sure.

The neighbour across the street, lives in Italy. They bought the house last summer, as they come here fishing (the house is on the Campbell River.)

They have a tenant that lives in the upstairs…now here is a funny story.

When I was single, like last springish…I was out dancing with the girls. There was this cute boy playing pool. There was no flirting or anything going on, as he wouldn’t make eye contact with me…I assumed he was shy.

He was.

I should first mention that I am a bad judge of age, so said hot boy was probably way younger than I thought he was.


He left the bar for quite a while, and then came back. I noticed him sitting at the bar as I was leaving. I was out at the car, my gf was driving home, and I said to her, “I should have talked to him…I am a loser.”

She said to me, “go back in there right now and give him your number.”  I was mortified…but get a couple of drinks in me, and I can be talked into stuff. She gave me a piece off of the top of a cigarette package, which in hindsight is weird, cause she doesn’t smoke, where the hell did that come from?

It doesn’t matter, I put my name and number on it, take it back in, and in typical Donna fashion, go up to him and say “I have no idea if you are interested or not, but…”

he says back to me “that better be your phone number….”

I am totally stunned…I hand it to him and say, “I don’t smoke, I just didn’t have anything else to write it on, call me…”


Unbelievably he called me the next day…I was hung over, and had to work the next day, I explained this to him, and I asked him if we could go out another night.

He said he was going to camp and would call when he got back.

Needless to say, he never did.

We friended each other on facebook, actually I found him and asked him to be my friend…that could have done it. He probably saw how old I was and thought…phffft…screw that!!

So then one day, I get a message from him on Facebook….howdy neighbour…

WHAT??? Yep…turns out, he is the renter across the street…

GOD…maybe he saw me naked….ugh, never thought of that.

Pretty funny though, what are the freaking chances of that?

I think he is pretty young compared to me, so we just smile and wave…a perfect neighbour relationship, dating him would have just been awkward…pretty sure…

I can’t even remember why I started to blog about the neighbours, other than I looked out and saw the debris from my bedroom window, and it was early this morning, I had to stop writing and actually go to work, go figure…

Obviously I didn’t come up with anything witty to add at work today…could have been because I was busier than HELL and didn’t have a second to think about absolutely anything. I built two pumps for the cement fountains we got, and put a huge rip in my favorite work jeans though…was a pretty productive day all around.

Tonight is my Friday, so I am going to finish watching American Idol and then have a nice long hot shower…

I get to sleep in tomorrow…and have nothing planned…ahhh, gotta love days off!!

Happy Thursday night my friends…

 Peace ♥ Out…

25 thoughts on “The thing about neighbours…

  1. I don’t do the neighbor thing well either. When I think back on my younger home-owning years I cringe at the amount of times I was verbally abducted by a neigbor with diarrhea of the mouth. But NOW thankfully for me, my three kids and two dogs act like neighbor repellent!


  2. Neighbors are a funny breed, aren’t they? You never know what you’ll end up with. I live in an apartment on the 3rd (and top) floor and ended up with my cousin next door. This has both it’s positives and negatives of course but it’s bearable. The neighbors across the hall from me don’t speak to a soul. They don’t even have the courtesy to hold the door open so you don’t have to dig out your front door key if they’ve pulled in just before you let alone utter hello in return to one so I no longer bother. Not wasting my time. The neighbors diagonal from me are an odd pair… One never has to watch a Pittsburgh Penguins game on the television because you can gauge their performance based on the loudness of screaming, yelling and clapping that ensues. Each time a goal is scored the walls rumble and the floor shakes. These two do offer some entertainment as they enjoy playing ROck Band and Guitar Hero, pretending as though they are singing on stage at the Hard Rock Cafe or Red Rocks or something like that. Outta tune and off key, loud enough for the people on the ground floor to hear. It does make for some good laughs. Hmmmmm… wonder what they all think of me and my lyrical stylings I offer up while cleaning? Never quite thought about it :D


  3. Yeah, my neighbors are way too close and way too comfortable with my stuff. The one neighbor is always borrowing eggs or sugar or some baking ingredient. If she borrows 1/4 cup of brown sugar, she repays me with an entire bag. Like I NEED that much brown sugar! I don’t bake! Hardly ever. And don’t even get me started on the neighborhood men who come in to the garage if the door is left open and just help themselves to my husband’s tools!


  4. I live in a row of townhouses and I’m with you on neighbors. Mine are about the same way I am. We say “Hi” but not too social. I’ve never been to anyone’s house for coffee and don’t want to. They are here if I need help (God forbid) and otherwise it’s quiet, except for the Buddhist temple next door which gets a little rowdy around Asian New Year and is always building new shrine and making noise. And they have a screaming peacock.


  5. We used to have a wonderful neighbour, elderly lady, very funny. I spent many laughter filled afternoons sat around her kitchen table shooting the breeze. Then she moved away :( a few years ago.

    Our new neighbours are “nice” but the most interaction we have with them is a brief hello in the street. I like it that way actually, arms length kind of approach.

    The neighbours on the other side, well, we have no idea who they are, how many live there, what their names are or anything. Not that we care really, like you say if you get too friendly there can be all sorts of entanglements like baby sitting requests and so on. I’m not opposed to helping out a neighbour in need but past experience of overly friendly neighbours taking advantage has left me a little guarded.

    Regarding your running about the house naked, when I was 18 and living in my first place I took full advantage of strolling around in my birthday suit! If anyone happened to look through the window I reckon they probably had a fright!


  6. It’s a good thing, in your “drunken stuper” that you didn’t have a 1 night stand w/him! (Yikes!)


    P.S. I searched that “awesome post” thingy and I didn’t find it and followed your instructions…wonder if it varies per theme. I know I can “surprise me” on the background color, etc. I don’t have any issues with scheduling a post in advance?


    • I wasn’t in a drunken stupor… :) not my style, and not into one night stands…not my thing. Add both together would end badly I am sure…

      Not sure about the super awesome post thingy though…shouldn’t be a theme thing I don’t think.


  7. Bet you’re glad now that you didn’t date the fellow who ended up living across the street from you!
    My home is my castle, and I will invite people round when I am in the mood – I hate them just dropping in. I could be in the middle of anything – or running round the house naked (which I do, like you!)
    In fact, we have put a padlock on our front gate to stop people “popping in” when they feel like it. If we feel sociable, we will let them in, otherwise they get the message – I like my privacy!


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