Wanna buy a bridge?

I had one of those days…

I could have sold you your own dirty socks for about $20.

Really…I have those days. I never see it coming and neither will you.

I was smooth, if someone thought they wanted one of something, somehow they went out the door with two. It happened repeatedly.

It started with the first sale of the day, 30 bags of lime…ya baby. I would like to take the credit and say he only wanted one, but no, he wanted 30…


Gotta love it after the day I had yesterday.

So bring on one of my favorite customers… he was written down in the  order book waiting for a fruit tree which he had apparently already picked up, and he was also waiting on some red currants, he wanted two. I went out to see what we had and said to him “well… there are three here, do you want me to pick the best two for you and put them away?” He said “no, you better give me all three then.”

Sweet. I usually forty dollar him to death at least once a week.

This will be close.

I am sure I can talk him into something else that is cool that he must need, the hard time I give him is always free…he will be in tomorrow.

A lady then came in that was looking for a specific rose…she found it, and we started talking about the blight resistant ones. Last year we had a horrible wet spring, so the roses we had that were resistant really stood out. Firefighter was one of those, beautiful huge flowers that smell amazing, and is very blight resistant. She went back out in the monsoon rain to look at them, and came back in with one. She then proceeded to

I was looking for a picture of the firefighter rose...ya, this won.

give me hell for talking her into it, as she handed me her $25.75. I asked her if there was anything else she needed, she said ya there was…to get away from me as I already had all her money…hehehehehe…fun.

Then…a cute boy. He wants a dozen eggs. I don’t have any at the store, but I call Shauna and she has some at the house (they have chickens and we sell the eggs $4 a dozen…) Up to the house I run to get the eggs, I come back down with three dozen. “So how many did you want?” I innocently ask…

He takes two dozen.

While I was gone he was looking around the store, he is looking for a fogger mister fountain, which I don’t have on hand, but said I had just seen one, and as usual for the life of me can’t remember where.  So I say “why don’t you give me your number and I will call you if I remember….”

He looked a little scared for a second…hahahahha, he was probably thinking in his head…don’t do it, don’t do it.

But he did.

I know I can get one from my supplier and probably have it by Thursday, pretty sure he won’t find the one I saw around town SOMEWHERE by then…

and scaring boys is just fun….

isn’t it?

Part of the joy of being in your forties…they think you are way more dangerous than you really are.

So all in all it was a fabulous day, I never stapled myself once, and I ordered in Chinese for dinner so that I couldn’t burn anything. Now, if only the weather would start to cooperate and stop acting like February we would be rocking…

Have a great Wednesday peeps!!

 Peace ♥ Out…

20 thoughts on “Wanna buy a bridge?

  1. He HE…

    Can’t be a recession on in Canada…I just show people my empty purse! Well done to you RNP it’s always a great feeling when you upsell! You are going to miss your job…:(

    I went to our local garden centre and got a 5 euro plant for less. You’ve just remeinded me I wrote a post about it!



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  3. Hi. Stopped by from “Find an Outlet”! I really like the content of your blog; fresh, honest, funny, and a little twisted.

    Anything that will bring a laugh or smile is worth the time, right.

    Thanks. I’ll be back!


  4. Are you as good at negotiating purchases as you are at negotiating sales? I could hire you to negotiate buying cheap airfares for my family’s trip home!

    Sounds like we both had good days – I got a data upload test run complete for go-live on the weekend! So I was happy too!

    And yes, I need a bigger fridge – but the delivery charges from over your way would be prohibitive. :)


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