Publish me…please!!

Well there are days when I am technically challenged, some far more than others.

I have posted before about my lack of grace while posting from my phone to WordPress…for some reason, no matter what phone I use, I suck at it.

It just doesn’t ever seem to do what I want it to do, and I always screw it up, therefore I am going to save it for a severe posting emergencies only.

I always check out any new comments when I am on my lunch at work, I love the giggle I always get from your comments!! It is easy to approve the comments on the phone, but if I want to comment myself on what you have to say, I have to approve myself.

That is funny in so many ways. I am sure I sometimes need to be censored, but by MYSELF? I am thinking maybe that won’t end well…just saying.

The other thing I seem to have trouble with, is the scheduling.

EVERY single time I have scheduled a post to be posted when I am not around, it has never worked. I wanted the Wanna buy a Bridge post to go last night just after midnight, I got up this morning, and…..


I then scheduled it for four minutes later, BINGO…what the hell is that all about?

Janis said she publishes and doesn’t worry about the time, and hers goes no problem every time…DAMMIT.

Maybe I just over think it. Maybe I have to hit the little box that says this post is super- awesome…what the hell is that for anyways?

I am guessing it has something to do with the surprise that randomly pops up and scares the living hell out of me whenever it feels like it. I am going to start checking it off on every post and see if something happens. I don’t do it now, mostly because I don’t want to be presumptuous that my post IS super-awesome. I am just going to presume that now…why not. If I start to look like I am bragging, slap me.

So tonight, this is a test…yes people, you are my guinea pigs.

Well not you really, but this post is…if it doesn’t work, maybe someone with more skill than me will have some suggestions to help me make it work better.

Or maybe I will just continue to the the clusterf%$k we all know I can be…

If nothing else, it’s amusing.

I think….

Peace ♥ Out…

27 thoughts on “Publish me…please!!

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  2. ok, I just thought I was technically challenged or something because mine wouldn’t post either when I wanted to. I feel much saner now.
    i think we should all send out pigeons with notes as comments.
    bet you will get there faster.


  3. Posting from cell phones is torture, but was necessary when my laptop was down for two weeks… I needed bifocals to see what the H@!$ I was doing. My pictures never posted from my phone properly either, they’d always end up showing up at the top and I couldn’t move the pesky buggers. haven’t tried scheduling a post as of yet but am quite sure I’ll mess it up one way or another!!! Your posts are super awesome for sure…as are you! You crack me up RNP, chuckling at my desk when I’m reading. Glad I found ya!


  4. Wait a minute, I thought I was just tired…so I went and had breakfast w/a cup of coffee, returned and it reads the same…

    “Maybe I have to hit the little box that says this post is super- awesome…what the hell is that for anyways?”

    What’s this? I’d like to know how come you have an option to check “super-awesome” post while I do not. Surely, there is an explanation for this? Seeing how my blog is called “that’s ahhsome,” or “ahhsome” for short I should certainly be one of the first to have this available, as indeed, all my posts are awesome.

    Also, I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I’m thinking the “scheduling a post” you might have the military time incorrect? 12:00 is day time, and midnight would be…what would that be… 24 (as in 2400) or would it be 00 (as in 0000…I asked my husband and he doesn’t know.) so, of course, I googled…

    Here’s our answer and perhaps that’s your problem? Try both ways 24 and then 00:

    You’re welcome! :)


  5. I’m technically illerate about most things, too. Word Press confuses me to no end. I may eventually stumble upon what I want it to do, but you never can tell. I’m waiting for your experiments. Signed, Guinea Pig


  6. I think my own posts are way less than super awesome because I can’t even find this super awesome button :(

    Care to give a hint where I can find it? Feel like I’m missing out on some super awesomeness!


  7. What little box that says the post is super-awesome? Am I missing a box? Do I just need my glasses again?

    Scheduling has always worked for me, not that I use it often, I don’t.

    I did the phone thing when I was in Qatar – now that is hard work and dedicated posting, in my view. I don’t think I’ll be doing it too often again! Not unless something is super, duper, just got to be shared type news!


  8. I always wondered about the “super-awesome” button too. In the beginning I used to click it for every post. After reading other blogs though I soon realized that I was not as “super-awesome” as I thought so I eased up on it. :)


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