The post from the night before…saved for a safer day…

So you know those days, when you get out of bed…stumble to the shower, somehow manage to get IN the shower without killing yourself and then promptly get shampoo right in your eye, and then nearly bleed to death from a shaving accident that involved pretty much your entire ankle? Mostly because you can only see with half of your vision….

Ya…those days.

Like today.

Bleeding to death in the morning sucks.

Especially when you have  just burned your tongue because you don’t have the sense to NOT take a big gulp out of the cup before you test it a little to make SURE that you aren’t gonna burn your face off on the really hot coffee you absolutely NEED but just poured two seconds ago?

And then…you can’t find underwear…anywhere. Is there some kind of undie monster that mows them down when you sleep?  Hides them under the carpet, throws them out in the pond??? Seriously…

And lunch…I hate making my lunch at the best of times, I have trouble coming up with something creative every single day, never mind when I have no freaking food in my house, well not food that I feel like eating.

While I was debating what to make for lunch, my waffles wouldn’t toast… and I didn’t really have enough time to put them down and re-toast 4 times like I usually have to. So I ate them Ferry style…that means soggy and not toasted. I really need to check into a new toaster.

The drive to work went fine, thankfully…other than when I drove past the gas station, the gas had gone up 10 cents a litre…yes that is right 10 cents…I was too lazy to fill up with gas on Saturday when it was at the bargain of a price of $1.17 a litre instead of todays deal of $1.27…

And my tank is running on E…

Work was ok…

Except for the staple incident, which I won’t bore you with. No one else saw me do it…use your imagination you will probably be close…

And the woman that nearly had a small fit on us, because our bank machine is a little possessed and doesn’t always go to where it should when it should…ya, we know it’s an issue, but seriously we are not stealing your $20 ok??

Oh and whatever I did to my shoulder, I am not even sure when or what I was doing when that happened. I need to go slower is all…


Needless to say, I got home and burnt the spaghetti sauce to the bottom of the pot…ON THE SECOND TO LOWEST SETTING… how does that even happen? I guess maybe I shouldn’t have a shower when it is simmering next time…

I just poured the unburnt out into a new pan..tasted fine, kid didn’t even notice. At least he didn’t dare say anything if he did.  He is taking it for lunch tomorrow, cause there is no other food…I guess on a less dangerous day, like really soon…I need to go shopping.

I made banana bread with chocolate chips, without incident…except I didn’t have the oven on 375 degrees…I had it on 325…so it is taking forever…verdict is still out on that one. I am going to pretty much stop there.

Hopefully brushing my teeth goes a little smoother than I am thinking it will.

Tomorrow I will totally wake up my old self…well, I mean danger girl level 1 instead of level 8…

Some days, it’s all you can ask for…

Peace ♥ Out…

14 thoughts on “The post from the night before…saved for a safer day…

  1. It’s kindy scary as I think you’ve just described a day or two of mine in the recent past… that is with the exception of making waffles for breakfast and this gal NEVER leaves enough time to eat yogurt before work let alone “cookin” something as extravegant as waffles for breakfast ;) and also excepting the fact that I gave up on baking because from what I gather peanut butter cookies aren;t suppossed to turn out rock hard and have the capacity to function as lethal weapons so the whole baking banana bread thing is out too. As for the stapler… i’ve had a battle or two with one and as well as a staple gun and let just say this girl lost the battle on all counts. **** I’ve been there girl… no fun. glad to know I’m not alone in the fun though, very glad :) Hope your day was a danger 1.


  2. Oh my god! I am dying laughing…that sounds like one of my bad days…especially the banana bread thing…I always make mistakes like that when cooking…I have to really pay attention to what I am doing now! And those fuel costs…jeepers!! Here it’s about .91 a litre.


  3. We all get days like this…just driven the girls down to LAgos for a girlie day out. My friend as I was dropping her off said to me. Your driving was great I did not even feel scared…derrr. I then hit the curb

    Well tomorrow is another day!


  4. Hate those razor nicks! I swear, it takes longer to stop bleeding as you age. My last cut, I thought I was going to require a transfusion!

    Woman, how hard is it to go get a new toaster? That’s like a new coffee pot…although, if the pot breaks, we find ourselves at the store pretty quickly for that!

    Oddly, I hate the whole underwear thing…I yelled out one day “It feels like someone is stealing my undies!”
    Bill had a dog, when I first started dating him, that would eat his roommates girlfriends panties because she always had nice Victoria Secret Lotions, etc. Guess the dog dug them. (ew…later we’d find barf with bits and pieces of panties- gross, huh?)



    • Hahahahahha…Oh Sandi, you do have a way with words…I am so glad you are here. It wasn’t a razor nick…it was a suicide attempt…go big or go home right? And with the toaster…I KNOW…but it still works, I probably won’t get a new one til it stops toasting all together. And the underwear thing…I think I just have to filter there…walking away :D


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