Super Sexy Sunday…

This week it’s all about the TOES!!

After all, summer is coming!! I wore my flip-flops for the first time on Saturday, and I was warm!! Yay!!

I wear flip-flops pretty much from late March or early April, until as late in the fall as I can.

I might have mentioned before, I hate wearing shoes. If I could be barefoot all the time, I would be.

I also NEVER wear nail polish on my fingernails, well maybe a little in the winter, but never once I am back at work, nails are short and plain.

Working in the garden and on my Mustang doesn’t go well if I am a girlie girl :)

But my toes….

are pretty much always polished. I feel naked if they aren’t. Today was the first day of the flip-flop season, and I actually left the house with no nail polish on…*GASP*.

I felt naked, and unfinished.

So now….I am blue.

Now I don’t recommend this colour for the faint of heart. It is out there, and it screams look at me, so your toes better be pretty.

I wore this colour to work last summer (I wear flip-flops at work too…bad I know) and this man that comes in fairly frequently wouldn’t give it up about my toes…I am thinking….

hmmm, foot fetish,


…and get away from me please.

I added the please because I was at work.

I told him where I got the nail polish and then recommended he go and buy some for his wife.

I am nothing if not subtle.

So lets get started shall we?

Here are some toe polishing tips…

Issues?? Me?? No....

~ take a Kleenex and fold it on the triangle, then roll it up so you have a long roll, wind it between your toes to keep them separated while you paint your toes!!

~ use a nail file to file off any excess polish that you get on your toes.

~ let nails dry between coats for at least 10 minutes.

~ use more than two coats, I always use at least three, usually four. I don’t want to paint my nails every week. This way I get two to three weeks out of  the job.

~ don’t do your nails before bed, you will wake up with ruined toes every time, especially with that many coats. I usually do mine about 7 ish, then by bedtime they are totally dry.

~ buy good quality nail polish…it really makes a difference, my favorites are Nicole and O.P.I.

~ be patient while it’s drying, don’t do your nails when you have a date in 15 minutes…you will screw them up every time.

~ keep your feet moisturized…soft is good!!

Now have a happy and sexy Sunday ladies!!

 Peace ♥ Out…


15 thoughts on “Super Sexy Sunday…

  1. One of my seven things was I’d live barefoot ig I could. I have pics of nail polish to rival yours!

    We call “flip flops” thongs here in Australia and jandals in New Zealand.

    The thongs thing can get very confusing when talking to those from other places!

  2. YES! Flip-flops and nail polish! I’m still waiting for suitable weather, but I’m right there with you on this. I hate socks. I hate shoes. I LOVE flip flops and love polishing my toe-nails. And I never bother with the fingernails. My fingers are too busy and the polish chips off within a day of putting it on, if not sooner.

  3. Nothing better than flip-flops and painted toes… I literally did gasp when you said you went out with no polish on! ;) You mentioned not going painting your nails before you go to sleep… I found a top coat that is AMAZINGLY!!! It’s called “Out the Door.” You can get it at a Sally Beauty Supply store. The only time I ever am still enough to not mess up my nails is when I am sleeping! I put one coat of this on after my 3 coats of color, wait about 5 minutes and head to bed. No “sleep” marks as I like to call ’em! You should try it… Loved this post; could you tell?

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