Super Sexy Sunday…postphoned

Until next week,
when I feel super…
or sexy…
or hopefully both.

I don’t.

I just had a huge fight with Rogers about the cell phone that was supposed to be FREE.

Ya, fucking NOT.

They charged me $300 for a phone I didn’t even want. The one that I WANTED was three hundred bucks, but I couldn’t afford it.

So I called Rogers, asking them what my alternatives were.

The girl on the phone said, no problem, she would give me a hardware upgrade for the broken phone that wouldn’t cost me anything.

Well did you know, that if you have that conversation with someone, and they say you don’t have to pay…they can lie?

And you do fucking so have to pay. You as a customer haven’t got a leg to stand on. None…

She told me, that they are going to credit my account $10 dollars a month for two years to pay me back, that is all they can do….

REALLY…cause I am thinking FUCK YOU.

As soon as I possibly can, I will get out of my contract and go pretty much ANYWHERE else.

I am done.

I will suck up the phone that I NEVER would have paid $300 for, but they are not getting anything else out of me as soon as I get this bullshit paid off.

It has been a really long time since I have been this mad. Rogers has been fairly good to me over the years, and this to me is insane, I have no proof that is what she said to me. I asked the girl if the woman that I talked to, was findable…they have to have it written on the work order, wouldn’t they? I should have taken her name. I was a fool not to. The girl I talked to today, skirted around it, just kept saying it was too late to send the phone back.

They give you 15 days from the day they give you the phone. So that was January 13…I wouldn’t have even had it written on the bill until Feb 04…now where I learned to do math…that is more than 15 days, before I even KNEW that they charged me for the phone.

I made the mistake of paying $100 on my bill and not looking at the online bill….so on the 4th when I should have noticed, it still would have been too late to give them the phone back.

Granted, totally my fault not noticing it until today. I probably would have had a better chance getting my money back if I had dealt with it sooner.

But seriously, I have been a customer with them for over 10 years…I have always paid my bills on time. And I told the girl that it is absolutely ridiculous that they are willing to pay me back $10 a month and not just waive it. The story any other way than the truth just doesn’t make any sense.

She just kept saying, she understood.

No…I don’t think you do….

So needless to say, if you are going to go with a phone company, I would say, steer clear of Rogers. Or be totally wary of anything being to good to be true, cause it is.

And make sure you have proof of the conversation. Don’t ask me how you do that, because I have no idea. But I just got ripped off $300 for a $125 phone…no shit.

Lesson learned….

Peace ♥ Out…


8 thoughts on “Super Sexy Sunday…postphoned

  1. that’s horrible!
    I guess it’s okay to lie now a days and screw someone for their money.
    I hope you’re feeling much better.
    If not, I have some leftover anger from Monday, we take a road trip and slap some people. It sounds fun already! haha.

  2. Ouch Princess…take a deep breath…go uhmmmmmmmmmmm.
    We have a website here called hellopeter…I have a feeling they might have gone global….have a look…it really works…I have used them a few times when I have had problems with my bank and the problem is usually sorted out in a matter of hours…they hate the bad publicity.

  3. Hi Princess, you are one upset lady today! I would be too but I’ve heard horror stories about all the cell phone providers. Rogers customer service is the pits! I’ve dealt with them before but I’ve never been satisfied and always ask to speak to a manager. I get a little more satisfaction but not much more. Good luck trying to find another provider. :-)

    • Thanks Rose…I asked for a manager, and she said I would get the same information she was giving me…I don’t know what else to do. I was so mad I was crying…I absolutely HATE being ripped off or lied to. I will pay off my bill and move on to a different provider. Hopefully I can find someone to buy my contract out with Rogers. We will see. They can pretty much kiss my money good bye…asap.

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