You want me to WHAT?????

As you all know by now, I live 5 hours away from my boyfriend.

I am trying to move closer, it is taking a while, but it will work out eventually, I have faith in this.

So my post today is about living together.

Bill wants to…I do not.

Now this has absolutely nothing to do with Bill or how much I love him. It’s all about me. I have been on my own for a few years now.

And much to my surprise, I LOVE it. I never thought I would say that out loud, I really didn’t. But I do.

A little history about William and I, we have 6 kids between us. Yes you heard me right…SIX. Five that could potentially move back in with us at anytime.

I love every single one of them to pieces. But I refuse to live in a house where I have to clean up after 5 men and one teenage girl. Am I crazy?

I think not.

The boys are all 16 and up, and two of them mostly won’t live at home. But still, do you blame me here?

When would we ever get time alone together? NEVER, that’s when…

There is also the issue of Oscar and Felix. William is Oscar…he is getting better, for sure. There is still a long way to go, but he is trying, I know this.

I made a joke at work yesterday that I was going to buy a huge Motorhome and just live in that, and my friend Ruth said, “well that would be perfect, you could just park it in Bill’s driveway…”


Well no, I can’t.

Not until he sells the broken down truck, the boat, the tools. the 5.0 liter engine and the ’39 Ford that all block the carport. And my parking spot. It’s gonna be a big motor home. Then if he pisses me off, I can just go park somewhere else til he apologizes to me makes it better.


I think I am a fucking genius here…

William??? he thinks not so much.

You know the look that a guy four year old gets on his face when he can’t have what he wants? Like  candy, or a cookie or a blow job? Well picture that face, and put it on Bill when we talk about me NOT moving in. The lip comes out, and there is pouting.

I have been a hard-ass long enough, that this has no effect on me whatsoever.

Also the fact, that I AM RIGHT, comes into play.

Now every man on the planet wants someone to look after him, to make his dinner and clean his house and be there smiling when he comes home at night.

Don’t shake your head no…you freaking know you do…all of you. Whether you want to admit it or not.

And that’s ok.

It will happen occasionally, I just don’t want it to be expected everyday, I don’t want to be under that pressure. I have lived my whole life playing the role of the perfect girlfriend or wife, I have definitely fallen short of that more than once, but you know what I mean.

I am not doing it anymore. For anyone.

I love being the caregiver, don’t get me wrong, I am just doing it on my terms from now on.

William is wonderful, he comes to visit me, and has my dinner ready when I come home from work, he even brought me lunch to work one day, with flowers, he fixes all my broken stuff…Amazing…yes.

Would he keep doing things like that if I moved in? I hope so…I really do. But I am just not ready to chance it yet.

Me moving in at this point in time, is just not an option.

I am doing it all different this time, I haven’t taken the last five years of growing and changing to go back to the way it has always been with me, being a pleaser, needing someone to complete me.

I am a better person being independent and living alone. I know William doesn’t believe me now, but I am doing this for his own good as well. Old habits die hard, and I am pretty sure he is already aware that I am not like any other woman he has been with before…

He isn’t gonna always get his way with me…

Well sometimes he will…hehehehe…

I am a challenge.

I am a handful.

I am independent.

I am smart.

I am not settling for less that I know I want.

I know he is good with all of the above.

And besides that, he is kinda cute when he pouts….

We all know that I like to be amused.

And I am.

Hopefully he feels the same after getting home from work and reading about our real life all over WordPress, heheheh…ah well, it is part of the fun being with me. There is always a chance you are gonna be my blog fodder, and not even see it coming.

One thing is for sure, neither of us will ever be bored :)

Peace ♥ Out…


17 thoughts on “You want me to WHAT?????

  1. I just got back to NY from V.Island (Mom lives in Victoria) — you sure are feisty for a Canadian, let alone a BC woman. Good to hear it!

    My sweetie moved in with me (we lived only an hour apart) after about a year, but we have no kids. That sounds like the breaking point. Too many people, too many needs and what about you?

    I agree with others that waiting til the kids have moved out would give you both a chance at a life you might enjoy more rather than daily drudgery. Even if he’s not super-demanding, that’s a lot of people and personalities to mesh.

    • Victoria is beauty isn’t it, wayyy expensive to live there unfortunately or I might :)

      And too funny about the feisty, we Canadian girls are known for our feistyness (sp???) aren’t we?

      I am thinking take it day by day…no worries, enjoy what we have as it grows!!!

  2. I love that you know you’re right…and that you can relate a disappointed face to a blow job. Ah, oh men men, the little things get to them. I do understand and get that you’re hesitant about making that step, I mean what if it does change. It shouldn’t be pressured, when it happens, it happens right.
    I do think that getting a trailer and parking it out his house is a lovely idea. It’s your own box and hot loving would be right around the corner.

  3. Hi Princess, I think you’re right in not wanting to move in with him. After you sell your house, move a little closer and then take it from there.

    You need to be yourself, and if that means living in your own place, then so be it. You shouldn’t be pressured into a decision you’re not comfortable with. :-)

  4. This is my very first comment (oooh!) I clicked to subscribe to your posts today.

    It’s nice to be independent for awhile and ensure all the kids are off and grown? The reality is, you will be taking care of things. Also, the whole moving into THEIR house and making it your own, will that really happen? You’re the outsider coming in and now what about your rules? Like anything, there will be a lot of growing pains! TOO MUCH DRAMA!

    Just thinking of my kids alone (of course, they are 5 & 7) but I can’t get them to flush the toilet. There’s always pee, and often poo waiting for the next user. Food is constantly on the table as they don’t eat meals, but snack forever…and there always sharp things on the floor to step on… Thankfully, I’m happily married, but what if I was bringing a guy into that! I can’t imagine what 2 additional teenage boys have in store for you.

    Why on earth, would you want to move in with a hormonal female teen? They fight enough w/their own moms, and I’ve heard some crazy stories about my sister in law and her step mom! They both haven’t quite recovered from those years, and my SIL is now a parent of a 8 and 2 year old!

    Moving closer, is definitely a good idea if you want to keep your relationship, sounds like he’s a doll. But instead of moving in, I think wait until the kids are completely out of the house. Sell both your places and buy a new one to start your life. There’s no “My place” and “making room for you” and “we’ve always done it this way…” and you’re forced to “get rid” of certain things in the driveway (or extra “undesirable” furniture.) Kind of takes care of that parking issue.

    Hey! Maybe he can just live with you in the motor home and let kids the run the house? That’s it! Have him move in with you in this “motorhome!”


  5. You are a very wise young lady,Princess.
    It took me a long time to get that smart.
    Unfortunately,it is in a woman’s nature to give more than she should.
    When I lived with Mex it was shyte…a very different story now he lives with ME…my home, my lease…you don’t like it..hit the road Jack.
    @Jackie….NO is always an option…you are in an impossible situation girl.One person can live on next to nothing….find yourself a small place and work yourself up from there…having said that…I hope you don’t have kids…that always makes it more complicated.

  6. Now every man on the planet wants someone to look after him, to make his dinner and clean his house and be there smiling when he comes home at night.

    Don’t shake your head no…you freaking know you do…all of you. Whether you want to admit it or not.
    You said it all right their. I live with my live in boyfriend and he expects sososo much from me. I have to tie his shoes, button his shirt, put his clip tie on, make him rum an cokes, laundry, clean, iron, put away clothes, empty ash tray, it goes on and on….any advice? I cannot afford to live alone. ????

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