Seriously….that is NOT ok with me…

Happy Wednesday all…hope you had a great day.

Mine was kind of a clusterf@#k…just me mostly.

I had one of those days when I just never totally got it all together. It’s ok, it happens.

Last night right after I posted, I got a call from my Real Estate Agent, asking me if it was ok to show the house today at 2:30-3:30.

Now I was exhausted, I made no secret of that.

But I said yes. I thought about just telling her to send them over on Saturday from 11:30-12:30 when I have the damn open house. But I want to sell and I usually accommodate. No matter how much it puts me out.

Last night, it was alot.

I had to do 5 loads of laundry to see anyones floor, and vacuum, clean the bathrooms, do the dishes…blah blah…alot of stuff I was leaving til my day off.

But I did it. I finished the laundry two minutes before I went to work mind you, but I got it done. I finished making all the beds, two minutes before that…no problem…


And I had made my coffee last night, totally forgetting that the power had gone out the night before. I usually set the timer on the coffee pot and it starts to brew before I get up…well it did…at MIDNIGHT. Cause I didn’t check to see what time it was set at.  Dumbass…

That was my morning.

So I get home from another crazy day at work, and there is no business card. Now usually, when someone shows the house, they have to leave a card. They always do, and I prefer it that way. You know who has come to the house, and it is confirmation that they actually CAME to see it.

I have sent a text my Agent and she is checking into it…hopefully the other agent has just forgotten to leave her card. Otherwise…I am not going to be a happy camper.

Because seriously, if they just didn’t bother to show up…I am gonna be freaking PISSED. Selling your house is a pain in the ass, just saying. Selling is part of the reason that I don’t know if I am even going to bother buying again. It is just so much bloody work.

It will be easier to rent something and let the owner worry about all the crap that comes with home ownership. I am seriously thinking it is overrated at this point.

I am way too much of a gypsy to be tied down to a house. It has taken me a few years to come to that conclusion, but I have. I should just buy a kick ass motorhome with the money I make. That way, when I change my mind…I can just drive my house to the next spot. Sounds like a pretty good idea to me…

So maybe I should take matters into my own hands…

Wanna buy a house? Here are the links to the MLS listing…

MLS listing of my house!!

Facebook Page

Move to BC…the Island is beautiful, and I promise you are safe from the Tsunami here…totally safe.

Mount Washington is only 25 minutes away, with this year, the best skiing in BC…we have 57…yes 57 feet of snow…I am not even kidding you!!!

I personally don’t ski, I tumble…so I am wasting living here to the max.

I am done in for the night, I will give you the update on the showing of the house or lack there of, as soon as I know myself.

Tomorrow is my Friday at work. I am glad. I am exhausted, but it has been a great week. We have got tons done…

This weekend, hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can get out in MY yard a bit, and get things tickety boo…it’s kind of a mess out there. Stuff needs to be trimmed up and the place where my wood was all stored is a nightmare…oh..and I am going to wash the windows if it’s nice. Really, I am. They are bad.

Cheers all…

Peace ♥ Out…

6 thoughts on “Seriously….that is NOT ok with me…

  1. So sorry you did all that work and they didn’t show up…but at least you have a leg up for Saturdays Open House. Btw–I love your house! All that land and that beautiful open kitchen. If I were house hunting in your area, I’d definitely check you out!


  2. id totally move there. i love canada, much better than england. but estate agents are so rubbish!! if you read my post from july.. they locked us out of our own house and we had to break in through a window! not cool guys, not cool.
    i hope it sells soon and you can motor away to the next picturesque destination :)


  3. Hi Princess, nice house. I love all the windows and the wood floors. I hope the agent just forgot to leave the card and not that they didn’t show up. When I sold one house, one agent forgot to lock it up by leaving the back door wide open – it was winter time! I had the lockbox removed and was home for every showing after that.

    We’re finally going to get some warmer weather tomorrow, 14ºC with sunny periods, I’m ready for spring anytime. :-)


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