In February…you should have kicked my butt!!


Cause I am a hurting unit now…

Usually when we start work, we have a few weeks when it is fairly slow and we have lots of time to get organized and get stuff happening.

This year, due to weather situation…aka…too much freaking snow, and not actually starting work for two weeks to a month later than usual, we are in screaming mode…like yesterday.

Did I mention during my time off, that my ass was lazy? That I blogged too much, and spent too much time on Facebook?

Did I?


I should have been lifting weights, I should have been walking…NO… JOGGING…NO… RUNNING….FAST…like more than once a day.

Because seriously, now, I am dying. I want someone to live here and just be my slave.

My chef, my massage therapist, my housekeeper…

Because I am exhausted.

Having a shower when I get home takes every single bit of energy I have left…dinner is a chore, that is sometimes lame…I can see PB and J sandwiches in the near future. Make your own freaking dinner comes to mind too…

I am good with cookies.

Hell I am good with Vodka…add Cranberry juice. Healthy enough. There isn’t anyone on the planet that could convince me differently at this point.

I thank god everyday for M&M meats… they have already prepared food that is affordable and delicious, and it is saving my life this week. That and chopping up a salad and we are good to go.

My laundry can’t pile up…because I won’t have anything to wear to work. I am wearing about 5 layers a day…just to keep warm. Today I went through two layers, because I got soaked. And filthy. I have no rain gear. Stupid yes…but true.

And the zipper gods hate me this month. I have lost a pair of jeans, due to zipper malfuntion.

Fine…I have been fixing them for too long, I am over it they are garbage.

Work vest…which I LOVE…toast. Zipper malfunction and maybe a small hole or two from jobs that got out of control.

Today…Rain and wind coat…DAMN IT. Mind you I payed $30 for the coat at SAAN’S like 10 years ago…but it was a great score. I am choked.

And what the hell? Why all at once? It’s a zipper conspiracy…I am too tired to care.

It poured rain all day, and blew like 60 kms for most of that time. I got off work, went to the grocery store to grab some veggies…I came out of the store and the sky was clear, the sun was out, and it was beautiful.

The Universe is messing with us, big time…

It needs to piss off…

and be nicer.

Doesn’t it know Karma is a bitch…

And I have been good, so I know it’s not my fault.

Well mostly good…not bad enough to bring on this insane weather.

And I might be a little drunk. Vodka for dinner might not be the best idea I have ever had. Hehehehe…no, I had chicken wings and salad too…but drank first. I came home and poured myself the biggest Vodka Cranberry I could find, and then headed for the shower to thaw out…I am feeling better now.

Full and warm, my lovely son Colton, lit the fire today, without me even asking…I love him. He has no idea.

If only I could talk him into cooking me dinner.

And my cheeks are rosy. It’s wind burn…so it won’t last, but I am pretending it is from the sun. It feels the same, and these days I am easy to trick.

I feel better than I have in ages, really I do. I know that by the end of the month I will be back with the program, and feeling fine…I knew this week was gonna be killer…but I am sleeping good, and waking up raring to go. I love having a mission and lots to do, being back to work is great.

Absolutely exhausting for sure…but what is life without a little workout? I just should have started slower and worked up to it…

Mind you, I have never been known to do things the easy way, have I???

So I am gonna sign off, grab a blanket, and lay my tired ass on the couch and watch tv til about 9:30, when I will surely be ready for bed…today is only my Wednesday, I have two more to go…and lots to do.

So Cheerio my friends… until tomorrow


 Peace ♥ Out…


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