When pretending just isn’t fun anymore…

Well as everyone knows, there was a horrible earthquake in Japan yesterday. My heart and positive thoughts go out to all those affected by this life changing tragedy. Totally terrifying.

It hits pretty close to home for us living on the West Coast of Canada. We are in an earthquake zone, we could be in exactly the same situation at any time. The last time I wrote a blog or maybe it was just a comment on Facebook about being ready for an earthquake, I was amazed at how much joking and poo-pooing went on about it.

I wasn’t joking.

I have an earthquake kit ready. I have water. I have two spare cell phones fully charged for emergency, we have camping gear. I have it all where it should hopefully be accessible. I also don’t care who thinks I am being silly. I am actually thinking, I need to get more stuff ready. I need more water, and to have a cash stash. Which means maybe I am not as ready as I think I am. Travelling back and forth to the Mainland worries me too. If anything happened, my kids are so far away, I would have no way to get home to them. They have a plan for if anything happens, and a couple of places to go…still doesn’t make me feel totally secure.

Of course, they think I am being ridiculous…and that is a direct quote.

Maybe I am. Too bad.

The Capricorn part of me is a realist, which is bizarre and totally contradictory to the Sagittarius side of me, which is like…phhhfttt don’t worry about things so much. The Capricorn and Sagittarius fight on a pretty continual basis. Especially about stuff like this.

When we were in Tofino, we were joking about all the Tsunami signs that they had everywhere. Outwardly, I joked…inwardly, terrified.

Last night they had a Tsunami warning…for real. From the earthquake in Japan. The warning was lifted this morning with no adverse affect from the earthquake being reported.

Photos by William

But holy batwings Batman….that is scary shit. It  really is. Where we live on the East Side of Vancouver Island, a Tsunami wouldn’t affect us…we are fairly from it…

But we are NOT far from the Earthquake being a huge and inevitable occurance. It is NOT a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

Everything happening with our earth right now, with the wars, and the insanity that is going on all over has been predicted. Well maybe with the exception of the Charlie Sheen fisaco…I mean who the hell could have predicted that…but everything else, taking place, was…

I know…if you are skeptical or not a believer of prophecy then this is all poppycock to you. But  can you really deny it? Isn’t there a little niggle in your gut that is telling you you are maybe a little wrong?

Now I am not religious in ANY way. I don’t practice organized religion, it’s just not my thing. But it doesn’t mean I don’t believe in higher power. Organized religion says this is all happening because the world will end and those worthy will be the only ones left, and that Jesus is coming back to take you home, or something to that effect. Again I am not religious, so I am vague on the story, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong, I will adjust said sentence accordingly.

I believe the world will change. I believe there will be totally devastation and only the strong will survive. I believe that there will be a cull of human life, there is no way it can be otherwise with what we have done to the planet and each other for thousands of years. I personally don’t believe I am going to be chosen by God to go home with him…sorry.

Hell I don’t know if I am going to be a surviver, neither do you. Sinner or not. And if you think just because you live a clean and healthy life and pray everyday, you are going to get out alive, I would recommend maybe you step it up a notch.

EVERYONE needs to open their eyes and get ready for the inevitable. Now I don’t mean just ignore all your bills and don’t pay your rent because the big one is coming and we are all gonna be shit out of luck anyways.

I mean get ready. Really think about this. Don’t avoid it because you think it won’t happen to you.

Have a plan. With your kids, with your family, with your friends.


Can’t you see that it can happen? That it is going to happen?

Skirting around it, won’t make it go away. I am amazed everyday by the people I talk to that say, well ya, I have thought about it but….


Do you think that anyone is going to help you out when they are busy fighting for their lives and family? Do you think they have gotten their survival kit ready to share it with you because you were too busy being in denial to get your shit together?

I am gonna say probably not my friend.

If you are counting on the goodness of others, or the love of your neighbours…think again. Now I am not saying that people aren’t going to come together and help each other out. Of course they will.

But the truth of it is….if it is between my kids having something to eat and your kids having something to eat. My kids are gonna win. No matter what I have to do to insure that happens. People don’t think that there is going to be a situation where it will get that desperate. I hope it doesn’t. But it could…you need to be prepared for that.

We ALL need to get prepared for that.

I think maybe it overwhelms, and that is why people do nothing. But you know it is really as easy as just starting. One thing at a time. Make a conscious first step. Go to the hardware store and buy a storage container. Bring it home, and decide where in your house, or shed, or shop would be the best place for it, somewhere you would be able to get to it, no matter what.

And then get a list of what you will need. There are lots of resources online, here is a list that will get you started.

Start slowly, buy one or two things everytime you go shopping, it doesn’t take long to get what you need. A lot of things you will have around your home already. Put them in the kit. Have them all together. Just make that first move.

Get your kids involved, talk to them about it, make sure they have a clear plan of where to go and what to do. They will be 10 times as afraid as you will be, especially if they are alone. They need to know what to do, and if you involve them in the process of being prepared, they will feel more secure and sure of themselves.

Have a kit in your vehicle. This was a big one for me, travelling the Island alone so much. Our freeway can be somewhat isolated and it would be hard to get to a town if anything happened. I have everything I would need to stay warm and fed for at least a day. Trust me, I really hope I never have to use any of it. But I have it just in case.

So maybe this weekend would be a good time to get everyone together, for 20 minutes, for an hour, maybe for the afternoon. Make a plan, talk to your family. Be prepared.

There is nothing we can do to stop the inevitable, whatever it ends up being, or what it is that you believe is bringing it on. Angels will not swoop down and save your sorry ass when it does. So be responsible, be ready.

Take that first step so that when it does happen, and it will….

You are one of the survivors, no, that you are a FAMILY of survivors. Everything you can do to contribute to that will help, no matter how small it is…

Because once again…it’s all gonna be about you and there probably won’t be anyone there to bail you out.

Think about that…

And make a move…

Here is a great site for more info…Get Prepared!!

 Peace ♥ Out…

7 thoughts on “When pretending just isn’t fun anymore…

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  2. Hi Princess. Excellent post. Everyone should be prepared and sadly I’m not. I do have some of the items but they’re not all in one place.

    Time for me to get the items I need and put them all together along with my two cat carriers. I can’t leave my cats behind, I love them too much. :-)


  3. You are absolutely right Princess, about being ready and prepared. We weren’t prepared for the recent floods and cyclones that have devastated our state of Queensland in Australia, because we thought “It wont happen to us”. But it did. Hundreds of people died because they weren’t prepared.
    Same with the earthquake 2 weeks ago in New Zealand and now with Japan.
    We just never know, and if we live in these areas which are prone to natural disasters, then we HAVE to take action and be prepared for the inevitable.
    Great post, hope a lot of people see it.


  4. I agree with you about being ready for any type of emergency. When we first moved out to the mid-west region of the US, I made my family a tornado kit. It has the essentials to get by without electricity, if needed. There are blankets, weather radio, batteries and water (rotated once a month or so), plus various other items we need such as canned food that doesn’t require cooking. But the point is, we have it. I was mocked by some people who live here about having it. They called me paranoid and crazy. I’ll give them the crazy part, but paranoid? I call that prepared. My kids are home alone during summer and a few hours after school, and the last thing I want them to do is panic. They know Mom has a plan. They know where the kit and they know where to go, when to get there, and what to do in the event they are alone during an emergency situation. Granted, it’s not the ideal setting for them to be alone, but hey, when does disaster strike according to anyone’s plan? I’m with you, Princess! Being prepared is always a better choice than being left out in the cold when disaster strikes. No one wants to admit it, but sometimes you just have to put on those big girl or big boy pants and do what needs to be done. :) So true! So true!


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