Hospitals now available in Tim Hortons…

Seriously, are we living in the twilight zone?

This is a true story.

On Monday night, the Royal Columbian Hospital in Vancouver was full…rooms, hallways, everything…so they took the overflow of people to the Tim Hortons next door.

Now if you are not from Canada, you won’t know what Tim Hortons is. It is the Canadian version of Starbucks… the fast food version of Starbucks with donuts…no offense to anyone that loves Tim Hortons…that is not what this is about, at all.

If I was sick, and they told me they were taking my bed to the local Tim Hortons Coffee Shop because there wasn’t enough room in the hospital, they better just fucking kill me now, cause I am not going to be a good patient. I am not going to be a happy camper. I am not going to just lay there and take it.

And you better hope you aren’t going to try and do it to someone I love that is sick, cause you are gonna WISH I was dead….

How absolutely unbelievably ridiculous is it, that they even think that it is ok to do that? It is one thing if it was a huge medical emergency, like a plane crash, or a huge car accident, or something unusual. But it wasn’t, it was just an unusually busy night in the ER….

We live in CANADA for christ’s sake…WHAT THE HELL?

The Government talk and talk…blah, blah, blah…there is nothing wrong with our medical system, we can handle the load.

REALLY??? I am just reaching here but I am thinking that this is a bad sign, I am thinking maybe you need to take another look at what you are doing.

They are closing hospitals DOWN in Vancouver, when our population is aging, and there are already not enough places for people to go, what happens in five years, when it is considerably worse? Where are people going to go, are they going to be lined up in the streets? Are they going to spill into the local Zellers store next cause there isn’t enough room or care in the hospital?

I just can’t believe it.

We pay Charlie Fucking Sheen 2 million dollars A SHOW, to be a drunken idiot on TV…when he will do it for free in real life!!! THINK ABOUT IT!!

In the city of Vancouver we have sick and dying people in the local coffee shop because we can’t afford to open more beds in our hospitals. And people with mental health problems living on the streets downtown, because they have no where to go and no other options…

I am the only one that thinks there is something just totally fucked up about that?

What the hell is wrong with our society?

What is going to happen if something REALLY goes wrong? Earthquake, a really bad flu outbreak, some other kind of infectious disease?

Photo by Dennis S. Hurd

I will tell you what will happen, you are gonna be screwed. And not in the good way. You are gonna be on your own and if it is really bad… you are probably going to die. Maybe on a gurney in the middle of Columbia Street. We are kidding ourselves if we think this is going to get better. It’s not. Not the way they are doing the math now, or the way they are spreading the money around.

The nurses and doctors are totally overwhelmed with the amount of patients there are per doctor. There has been a doctor shortage in this country for years. Good luck trying to find a family doctor if you don’t have one. That is part of the problem, the incentives for doctors here are nearly non existent…but that is a totally different rant…though undeniably part of the big picture.

It is fairly obvious to even the most oblivious that there is something wrong with the way our medical system and mental health system are being run.

I am not into politics, I think politicians are all the same. Prove me wrong. I dare you. But I try to pay attention…

If the new Premier of BC wants to start out right, and get in good with the people of our province, I am hoping she has some kind of plan to figure this shit out. Because if someone doesn’t grab their balls and start DOING something about this, we are all going to lose.


People we love, our parents, our children, our spouses, in situations that are preventable, that don’t have to happen.

Premier Gordon Campbell after his DUI in Hawaii, he was our Premier for 8 years AFTER this happened. Unbelievable in itself no?

Because our society has it’s priorities totally screwed up.

We hire politicians that have no idea what the hell they are doing, but they talk a good talk, so we get sucked in and then fucked over… over and over again. Christy better hang on to her panties, I don’t think she has any clue what she is in for as our Premier. I hope she does, really I do. And I hope she is equipped to deal with it. I hope she brings some compassion to politics and maybe for once fights for things that are just and right and HUMAN. I hope she has that in her. If she doesn’t, you may as well just grab a great big paddle and hope you don’t get sick people…

Because if you do, you might just end up in the Tim Hortons across the street, laying there, while people are buying their Maple Fucking Donuts and a large double double…sounds like a really bad joke doesn’t it?

The scary thing about it is…..the joke is on us.

I am not thinking it’s all that funny…but really, maybe it’s just me….

Peace ♥ Out…

7 thoughts on “Hospitals now available in Tim Hortons…

  1. When I first heard Tim Hortons were opening in hospitals “for the revenue it will bring in” I thought it was, to be kind, a quaint, little idea to have a Timmy’s so close to the ER. The new emergency patients can bring a box of doughnuts and some coffee to show their appreciation for the health care they are about to receive.

    When I visited my friend in the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, one of the very first things I saw after walking through the doors was a Timmy’s. Great, thought I, the Timmy addicts are taken care of.

    But, it appears I just didn’t understand the multi-tasking benefits of having Tim Hortons in our hospitals.

    Silly me.

    (To be fair to the staff at the hospital, my friend did have great people looking after him. And, having been in a hospital myself for surgery and for testing, the staff are so overworked while trying to provide the best care for us so that we can get better.)

    I’m almost 50 and am already dealing with a disability. I was told by one of the specialists that there was nothing more he could do to help me. Then he told me to try and find a quality of life, which is just a professional’s way of saying “Sorry, I’d love to help you more but you’re fucked. Do the best you can.”

    People look to our health care system and think they’ve found a magical, medical pot of gold. And it’s fine if you’re healthy and only need a quick fix. Beyond that and all bets are off!

    May the coffee shop gods have mercy on our aging bodies and souls.


  2. Oh well said Princess…in this country they would just turn you away so you don’t upset them and die in the waiting room.
    In our hospitals you have to bring your own bedding(the hospital bedding has been stolen by the staff) and your family bring you food or you would starve.
    don’t get me started on politics.
    The son of our president(one of his 25 kids) has just become the youngest billionaire in the country…he is in his twenties.
    He says it has nothing to do with daddy dearest…yeah pull the other one!


  3. Your “rant” was enlightening to me as an American because the Canadian health system is often held up as a model for universal health care in the USA. What you describe is horrendous and scary. Wonder if we will get a clue and do a bit more investigation before we make the same mistakes.


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