Six inches and gale force winds…

Of snow…that is, and the wind just starting to blow….

Yes, that is what I woke up to today. I think I can safely assume I will not have to go to work today.

Nor will my son go to school.

The schools are open. Seriously. This is the worst weather we have pretty much had all winter and definitely the most snow. And the winds are supposed to be hurricane force.

He is staying home. Mostly because I have no way to get him there, he was going to walk to the bus. I said no. He has nowhere to walk down the side of the road, and there is a foot of snow blocking my truck in.

I have to shovel it to get out.

It is blowing sideways with huge gusts of wind, and it is pouring rain… the storm is just starting. I haven’t finished my first cup of coffee, what do you think the chances of me shoveling are at this point?

Maybe later, I will send the boys out to do it. But not right now, snow day it is….

I find it amusing how they had no idea we were going to even GET this snow. There was absolutely NO word of it. It poured rain all day yesterday, and there was absolutely nothing on the news, even at 11 o’clock last night when we had 3 inches of snow, nothing.

It started to snow early last night, just as I was pressing the publish button on yesterdays blog, I heard a noise that just didn’t fit in.

You know the feeling right? When you hear or see something, and you know what it is, but at that time and place it just makes absolutely no sense.

That was what it was like.

We were warned about the wind storm, but the snow? I heard the plow go by and I was like huh????? That isn’t right. I look out, and sure enough, there goes the plow, WITH SNOW ON IT…there was about an inch of snow before I even knew it was snowing…

My boss just phoned….hahahah, he said, “so can you guess why I am calling?” Snow day it is, all around :)

My fire is going, and we are safe and snuggled in.

The cat is scared of going outside…too funny, she has seen a wee bit of snow, not a foot, she is having none of it.

My power just flickered, that is not a good sign, the wind has barely started to blow, I guess we should get prepared for no power. Maybe I will get my sweater finished, or just go back to bed, it’s still early. Only 7:45 AM…could happen.

They just said on the News, up to 160 km an hour on the North Island, that is us…. It keeps getting faster, last I heard was 140 kms…seriously, that is scary strong.

They have even cancelled most of the ferries to the Island due to the high winds…crazy…

I am thinking it is a two blog a day… day…

cause I am thinking this is gonna  be a good storm :)

Oh NICE, the plow just went by and shot about another FOOT of slush into my driveway, bastards…ah well, the rain will melt it, or maybe the wind will blow in a miracle with a snow shoveling boy on it…you never know…

Have a safe and dry Tuesday my friends…

Peace ♥ Out…


7 thoughts on “Six inches and gale force winds…

  1. More like a foot of snow and hurricane force winds! I kept my kids home today too – same thing, can’t get out of the driveway, or down the road for that matter, no plow on my road! You know, they’ve closed the schools for half as much snow before so what’s the deal? And the power is likely to go out at some point then they’ll send everyone home from school anyways…

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