Networked Blogs on facebook…

I just thought I would put this up, if anyone else is on Networked blogs let me know, I would love to add the link to my page, if you aren’t,  join up!! It is great exposure for your blog and one more way to meet more great bloggers!!

I mean after all, most of us are on facebook at least once a day anyways right? :)

Here is my link on facebook:

Redneck Princess has her own page!!!

Peace ♥ Out…

55 thoughts on “Networked Blogs on facebook…

  1. I made both. but I wanted my wordpress blog to link to my facebook blog page, not my main account. is that possible? Also, how do I get the vertical networked blog badge, rather than the small boxy one I have? When i got the code for the long one, like yours, thats the one that doesn’t stay on my blog after I close facebook.


    • You can’t use Java script. I am not even sure which one I used, I just messed around with them til one worked. :) I had one that kept disappearing too. The wordpress blog should also go to your blog page on Facebook, so it should go to both, does it go to the blog page? I am not sure how to make it NOT go to your personal page, because you have set it up. I like mine to go to both.


  2. the badge is the box you had me click on that shows a picture of facebook and your info, that you click on, in the first column on the left, halfway down. It went to my main page (which I was trying to avoid b/c there are some people on my FB that I don’t want seeing my blog) it did not go to my blog page.


  3. Hi there! I was able to create the Networked blog account and when I posted the code for the badge in my text widget it showed up until I closed my facebook then it disappeared. It wouldn’t update. and when I posted on my blog today, it went to my main facebook account and not my page. Do you know how to “fix” that? sorry to bug you.


    • Yikes…it is so hard to help not knowing what you have done :) But my blog goes to my personal facebook as well when I post. That is normal. Did it go to your page as well? And I am not sure what you mean about the badge…more info?


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