Keith Urban…here we freaking come!!!

Well what a day it has been.

First day of work was AWESOME!! I am so glad to be back :)

It wasn’t too busy as the weather here still pretty much sucks, but there is so much to do that the day just absolutely flew by.

Tonight and tomorrow we are supposed to get high winds, they are saying with gusts from 100 km to 140 km…seriously that is frightening. That is like hurricane force winds. It won’t be good.

Battening down the hatches, will be useless.

Work tomorrow will be interesting. And hopefully inside. Yikes, we will be getting blown around.

When I got to work today, I had to ask my boss for a really huge favor…the first day back… Could I buy my tickets to Keith online? With her internet??? She is a sweetie and of course said yes. (Thank you sooo much Shauna) She knows how much of a Keith freak I am totally helped me get it done!!!

So I am on her laptop computer, which I have never used before, without my trusty mouse ( I am useless with the mouse on the computer) I was totally so excited I could barely stand it…

I log in, because yesterday I had it all ready to go.

Credit Card info, in…

Mailing info, in…

Ready to go, I tell you.

I go to log in…I don’t have the special presale number I need…it is in the store…UGH…

I run like hell to go get it…

I get to the tickets, and  I could not find four together…what the hell. So punch the info for finding two seats and decide to try and do two at a time, we won’t sit together but maybe we can still find something that way. I try again. I get two seats, in the back, they suck, I refresh and do it all over again….these tickets are worse than the first ones…FUCK.

I take them, I am scared now I am not gonna get better than them. I put in my info…


I need the little three numbers on the back of my Credit card…UGH…

My keys are in the lunch room, at the back of the store, I am in the house….and my Credit Card is in my truck…I have 9 minutes til it times out…


Make it back, punch in numbers… I get the shitty tickets.

Now I need the second set of two…

I punch it all in again…including the fucking Captcha thing that I have now typed in 4000 times as well as the secret code thing…


I take them…like NOW.

Then my boss and I talk about it, and she says try again and see what seats come up now? Guess what??


Now I am freaking out. I don’t know what to do, because I just paid $208 for the super shitty seats, and the floor seats are the same price. I keep them refreshing and somehow keep saving the seats. I phone the help line for Ticketmaster.

I am on hold for 17 MINUTES AND 24 SECONDS… I am not even kidding.

Thank God I could keep refreshing and saving the seats. Finally a guy answers, I tell him the story and he says, oh not a problem, I will just cancel the bad seats for you…I give him my info and tell him he is the most AWESOME guy I know…have a great day…


WHOHOOOO… we have now got four floor seats all in a row.

I lost an hour of work, and nearly had a jammer, but holy damn it was worth it. I am so excited I can’t even believe it. I promise I won’t drive you too terribly crazy up until then about it :)

So all in all it was a super great day!! I am so glad to be back at work it is almost unexplainable…I love my job.

And tonight I am a tired girl, mentally and physically, so I think I am going to go throw another log on the woodstove, grab my blanket and snuggle up and watch American Idol…

Life once again, is good. Hopefully the hurricane doesn’t blow like they say it’s going to, I am a little worried about that still. Will for sure give you and update if it is bad.

Happy Monday my friends…til tomorrow!!

Peace ♥ Out…

5 thoughts on “Keith Urban…here we freaking come!!!

  1. WOW! It’s no wonder you’re tired. I was feeling every word, the excitement, the pressure, the I gotta get those tickets, fast feeling! I can’t say I blame you, though. Keith Urban is a cutie who can sing. Look forward to reading your concert experience. Love the happy face.


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