Keith Urban is COMING TO TOWN…

and I am SO GOING TO BE THERE!!!!!!!!!

Now I am not excited or anything here, I mean the concert isn’t even until September 26 2011…

But the pre-sale tickets go on sale tomorrow, and I am GOING!!!! I will sooo update you on the seats I get tomorrow night.

Tomorrow is going to be the BEST DAY EVER, I don’t even know how I am going to sleep tonight….

And September…don’t even get me started, a BABY and KEITH URBAN…I am in freaking heaven here…I really am…

I am taking Bill’s daughter Hannah with me…she doesn’t know yet…I hope she’s allowed…I know she will want too!!!!!

Bill asked me if he was going, I said it was probably better if he didn’t … hahahahahahha….I am such a cow. But really, it is in his better interest, really…trust me on this one…

I saw Keith when he came to Vancouver the first time and played in the Orpheum Theater, it was absolutely amazing and I was nearly at the stage, way smaller venue, amazing show. He had the flu and nearly cancelled the concert, but by the second song, you seriously never would have known he was sick…unbelievable.

I am also going to try and get backstage passes for a meet and greet, hey someone needs to get picked don’t they?? And I am thinking September is gonna be a super lucky month for me, just saying…

So look out Vancouver, Hannah and I are busting loose, mind you, you have til September to get ready, I recommend you use that time wisely, cause we are gonna be raring to go by then :)

Peace ♥ Out…


9 thoughts on “Keith Urban is COMING TO TOWN…

  1. I am biased because he is an Aussie like me – but he really is a great singer/song writer and just an all-round-nice-guy! I would love to see him in concert, so when he eventually comes to Brisbane, I will be there!
    I heard this morning that Alan Jackson is touring Australia so I need to find out if he will be playing anywhere near me – if so, I will definitely be there!

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