Back to work, and a really big fire…

It’s early, and sunny, and cold outside :)

I love sunny nearly spring mornings.  Have I mentioned already that I am really ready for spring? I am sure I am not the only one. Today is my last day off, I am back to work tomorrow full time, hard out. I am happy about this, it is way past time now. Usually I am back at work beginning of February, tomorrow as you know, is the first of March. Chomping at the bit is an understatement…

For all of us I am sure, I know my friend Wendy is just as excited to get back at it as I am. Neither of us are good at doing nothing. I can’t wait to work with her again this year. She has worked for the garden center for years, longer than me, but has taken time off in the middle. She has come and helped us out on Mother’s Day weekends for years, but last year she came back to us full time for the season, and this year she will too!! She is great to work with at the til, she is fast and efficient, and it is nearly impossible to throw her off her game. I love that.

I can’t wait to be so busy you don’t even have time to think and there are 10 people lined up at the til…that is my favorite, I work best under pressure. Mind you I hope it doesn’t start out like that tomorrow or I am screwed, it usually takes about a week and a half to get back into it. To refresh yourself on the different spring problems that always crop up once everyone gets back out there and into the garden. The one good thing, is everyone always has the same issues, or mostly the same…and the longer I have worked there, the less time it takes me to get into the groove.

Every day I still have hope that I will feel better from this cold. Everyday, not so much. It is a hanger. Doesn’t want to move on to someone else apparently. I have tried everything I know to make it go away. I am eating right, taking my vitamins and taking Oregano oil, drinking tons of water, sleeping alot. It just won’t go away. My kid has been better for days now. What the hell?

I will be making a run to the drugstore today to buy more daytime cold medicine, better safe than sorry. Everything I had left has been consumed already. Hopefully it will just be a precautionary measure and I won’t need them as of…like tomorrow please.

I was watching the news this morning, which I have not done in days, you will know why if you read my blog on a regular basis, see news rant for more information, if you don’t….

The Lorne Pub ~ Comox, BC

One of the last stories that came on was that the Lorne Hotel in Comox burnt down last night. That is a bummer. I have been there quite a few times and have always had a great time. I went on my second date with my friend John there. As you can guess we just ended up being really good friends, no love connection, but it was an amusing night to say the least :) He has been a good friend to me over the last couple of years, and I a lot of my personal growth has been thanks to him and his honesty.

I won a free lunch at The Lorne a few years ago from a radio game show that used to be on the the local station here in the mornings. It was a game where they picked one woman caller and one man caller, and gave each the opposite sex’s questions. Well of course since I was probably really supposed to be a boy, I kicked his pansy ass. There was car questions….I win!!

So I took my best friend Diann for lunch and we spent the day walking around Comox. It is a beautiful little town, if you ever get to the North Island, I totally recommend you pass through. Even though I don’t know where you would go for lunch now  :(

The pub was built in 1876 and burned to the ground the first time in 1919, it was rebuilt again and reopened, a working business until last night….apparently there is a fire curse on the place, I hope they rebuild it again.

So it is time for me to go get motivated and get ready for my big day tomorrow, make sure all my laundry is caught up and I have enough food in the shack for everyone’s lunches this week. I am thinking it is a great day for a walk too, it is amazing outside.

So happy Monday to you all my friends…

Peace ♥ Out…

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